light throttle hesitation - mj
Got a bit of a problem with a mondeo 97 td car hesitates on light throttle settings between 1800-3000 rpm. Fault more apparant in 2/3 gears not apparant on full throttle. Car starts fine in this weather bit of a pig when frosty taking 3 attempt to get started then runs fine does not cut out.I know this is pointing to glow plugs for the starting!Only done 76k and just been serviced air/oil/pollen filters but not fuel filter apparantly they only need doing every 20k.Any advice will be appeciated as will the tel no for suppliers of bosch glowplugs
light throttle hesitation - the conductor
check fuel filter housing prime pump. push primer pump 2-3 times in morning before starting bet it starts easier. common prob
light throttle hesitation - mj
Totally forgot about putting this on the web site anyway had the fuel filter changed and the garage found the turbo vacuum rubber hose split which was replaced. Started using millers diesel additive and the car now runs like a dream.
light throttle hesitation - kithmo
Check the rubber "T" shaped hose just underneath the coil pack. It sometimes splits or just comes off. Mine slid off but was sitting on the end of the brass pipe it fits on to. This allowed it to suck air in, weakening the mixture. From cold, it used to start up then die a couple of times then it was ok until it was switched off. From hot it would then start and die once and then be OK. It would also hesitate slightly as yours does.


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