Snapped Ka spark plugs! - cal g
Today I decided to replace the spark plugs on my mothers three year old Ford Ka as they had never been renewed. One gentle turn of the socket and snap!-one sheared plug.
It appears now that I will have to remove the cylinder head to remove all four spark plugs which appear to have welded themselves to the head.(After a bit of research this seems to be a common problem as a Ford design fault)
Does anyone have any experience of how best to remove the sheared plug and the other three without snapping them too.

All comments appreciated.
Snapped Ka spark plugs! - Dynamic Dave
There are plenty of threads on this subject in the Backroom. Try using the search box above. For example I've just typed in "spark plugs ka" and found which does relate to a Fiesta, but the engine is the same as the Ka. Several more threads to be found as well.
Snapped Ka spark plugs! - cal g
Thanks for the info.
Snapped Ka spark plugs! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
When I have had this problem I remove the middle bit of the plug and then use a suitable size Torx bit which I 'persuade' down the centre of the broken stub with a 'suitable' weight mallet. That and PlusGas soaked overnight around the plug usually shifts them!

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Snapped Ka spark plugs! - RichardW
I like your engineering style, Andrew......

Snapped Ka spark plugs! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I thank you.......
Snapped Ka spark plugs! - daughters_with_cars
Similar thing happened to me on my Scorpio ... and the plugs are very inaccessible in a deep well.

A local engineering company drilled out and removed it without taking the head off or obviously getting any swarf down the cylinders - £140 as opposed to potentially £600 or so for the whole take the head off routine ...


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