Road rage test link - Dave_TD

I got 50%, how about you? ;-)

Road rage test link - DavidHM
35% (!)

But I think I was probably being a little on the cautious side because I can be quite agressive sometimes. Mainly if people are agressive to me.
Road rage test link - HF
Same result as me David - so I suppose you got the 'granny' comment too?!!!
Road rage test link - DavidHM
Afraid so.

On the other hand, I do go against cars from the lights and have occasionally been known to undertake if there are two streams of traffic moving at very similar speeds. I'm just very sanguine about bad driving and try to anticipate as much as I can.
Road rage test link - HF
>>try to anticipate as much as I can.

Only way really, isn't it?

I confess to *very* rarely feeling pleased when I zoom off after the lights leaving others way behind, but it doesn't happen very often, and it's even rarer that I do this deliberately. Nice feeling when it happens though ;)

But I guess I have to 'fess up to being granny-like most of the time ;)
Road rage test link - Obsolete
37.5%. Bit of a hard nut compared to HF and DavidHM. But still rated as a 'softy'.
Road rage test link - Dave_TD
Oh, even 50% got me a "softy" rating!

I don't get at all irate behind the wheel, but I can be *very* protective of my car, which would explain the answer I gave for the wheelclamping question!
Road rage test link - andymc {P}
40% - most likely because I've taught myself to calm down a bit! I gave the calm answer to the undertaking question - I never (ever!) get undertaken because I am that rarest of rare things, a BMW owner whose car came without the "personal fast lane" option.

PS Mine has indicators, too. No expense spared ...
Road rage test link - Dave_TD
Andymc - have you seen the photo at the bottom of this page? ;-)

Link deleted

Sorry DTD, Mark doesn\'t want the sniffpetrol link to be posted anymore. DD.
Road rage test link - andymc {P}
Yes!!!! I love that site, it's obviously written by an enthusiast - or maybe even a motoring journalist letting off a bit of steam? Wish it wasn't as sporadic. I particularly liked the Subaru Impreza feature a few months back - that was class!!
Road rage test link - HF
>>Bit of a hard nut compared to HF and DavidHM.

Yes Leif, you need to tame your ways, obviously ;)
Road rage test link - CM
Well I hope none of you meet me when I'm on the road as I got 70%
Road rage test link - sombrueil
Well i got 27, yes after driving on our roads since the 60s i am now as careful as hell, never used to be so careful but i have no points on my licence so i am thinking i will shortly be getting a telegram from the Queen.
Road rage test link - DavidHM
Who has the oldest clean licence here then? Mine is 7 years old tomorrow. My father's is 50, but I'm sure that someone can beat that and even if you can't, he doesn't post here and you do.

So how about the rest of you?

It might be tempting fate of course, but I think I can live with that.
Road rage test link - HF
Should I really be tempting fated here?

My clean licence will be 9 years old come June - unless fate decides otherwise :(

I'll blame you now David, if anything happens ;)
Road rage test link - Dynamic Dave
Oops 72.5%

Described me as a White Van Man.

Alright geezer!! You fancy your self a bit don't you? Patience is certainly not one of your virtues. In fact anyone getting in your way is likely to come a cropper before they even have time to apologise. You're a loose canon, and while you think you are God's gift to driving, everyone else is not so sure. You drive fast, drive hard, drive with anger in your eyes and fear in your passengers. You drive in the hard shoulder, jump reds, use the hand brake to turn, the bus lane is your lane, cyclists don't pay road tax so you drive them off the road. Reckless and dangerous - you need to put your fag out, your paper down, turn off your phone and concentrate!
Road rage test link - dave18
Same score here. Oops.
Road rage test link - Godfrey H {P}
Lol! Oh dear I got a granny score despite saying I would get out the industrial bolt cutters after the guy had clamped my car!
Road rage test link - THe Growler
Well I'm glad they explained what "negative excitation" was all about. I guess all these liberal arts grads have to earn their money somehow. 72.5% AND I lied about the Glock in my glove box!
Is that a pass mark or didn't I score enough? LOL
Road rage test link - RichardW

As for licences - me, 11 years no endorsement, my Dad is running at about 35yrs no endorsements. My Grandad had had a licence for about 66 years when he died, and AFAIK no endorsements (god knows how, given some of his motorcycling exploits around the war!!). He actually ELECTED to take a driving test when it was introduced in 1934 even though he already had a licence (well, I think he was volunteered by the boss of the garage he was working in at the time, so they could give customers some idea of what it was like - if only!!!)

Probably spoken too soon now......

Road rage test link - Morris Ox

Then they called me a softy so I trashed the screen and sent them some hate-mail.
Road rage test link - joe
55% for me, although the test may have been skewed by my inability to answer the question about my favourite form of excercise......
Road rage test link - Robin
Er, 77.5% and a rating of Pyschopath!!
Not sure how this can have happened. Maybe because I fessed up about the sawn-off in the glove box? (well, my actual glove box contents of the car instruction book and a few Fun Song Factory tapes didn't appear as a choice)
So, be careful of Passats in Gloucester.

(16 yrs clean licence this year: hows that for tempting fate?)
Road rage test link - CM
Er, 77.5% and a rating of Pyschopath!!
Not sure how this can have happened.

I know what you mean. I couldn't believe my 70% last night so did it again and got 77.5% this morning.
Road rage test link - blank
I only managed 45%, despite having 2 grammes of Charlie and a sawnoff in the glove box :-))
Road rage test link - terryb

I got 40% and I'm officially a softie! But I beg to differ about not complaining if it takes half an hour for my food to arrive.

Road rage test link - CM

This one asks less silly question and gave a better result - 25
Road rage test link - Mark (RLBS)
The first test = 57%

The second was "7-20 points=You have your good and bad days on the road. Overall you only suffer from mild road rage."
Road rage test link - Morris Ox
7-20 points too, but that's only becaue they didn't have a section for people who rant insanely about commercial radio playlists like, er, me.
Road rage test link - slefLX
1st test 50% softy
2nd test 12 points - Good and bad days, same as many others on this board
Road rage test link - Dynamic Dave
Second test = 30.
Road rage test link - peterb
I am a wuss: 45%/7-20.

Loved the question in quiz 2 about who is a poor driver!
Road rage test link - blank
I'm not sure the questions are any less silly. I thought they were funnier though. Score of 30 means that people find me scary at times - this is what the wife says when I drive!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Road rage test link - terryb
I scored 19 in the second test. But shouldn't Ricin be an option for the drug of choice?
Road rage test link - pmh
37.5% granny rating

However I am probably suffering a split personality disorder, I could redo it and end up with >70%, it all depends on which car I am driving and the attitude of the other Bxxtard!


pmh (was peter)
Road rage test link - Dave_TD
Second test I got 6/20, ie answer "b" for questions 1, 2 and 3, and answer "a" for all the others. Question 6 was a bit unfair on me though, I feature in 4 out of the 5 possible answers!

6. Which of the following groups of people do you find have poor driving skills:
a. sorry I can't really categorize them
b. people who drive for a living
c. people from other ethnicity than your own, women drivers, taxi drivers
d. other ethnicity, women, teenagers, older people, people with glasses, taxi drivers, blondes, people who are so short that they can't be seen behind the wheel, minivan drivers, sports car drivers, truckers,
e. all of the above plus

We're not that bad really! :-(
Road rage test link - THe Growler
This has been excellent value. Tonight at my local m/cycle club meeting we pulled it up and I invited the lads to have a go
(think Harleys, leather vests, chains, open pipes, 180 rear tires).

Result: 12 Psychos! (these are men with families, well-off, professionals etc etc).

Test conclusions- alternative hypotheses:

1. Results invalid; Test is not culture-free -like psychometric assessments, they don't always transfer across cultures without amendments, for example b****** is a simple literal word meaning illegimate child here. "Hijo de p***!!" would be a suitable substitute in our local context (you won't find that - I hope - in your Thomson Holidays "Useful Spanish Phrases";

2. Results invalid: subjects had been bashing the Fundador (local brandy) prior to being confronted with the questions, answers thus possibly less than objective;

3. Results valid and all subjects correctly assessed.

Given driving standards in the Philippines, I feel the last may well be entirely correct.

As the only foreigner in the club I now have to explain why machismo behind the wheel does not necessarily pervade UK entirely.

Road rage test link - THe Growler
Hey that's some filter there!
Road rage test link - No Do$h
Hmmmm. Nothing to do with the spanish for "ladies of negotiable affection" was it?
Road rage test link - Pugugly {P}
35%. See you in Court.
Road rage test link - DavidHM
I got either 6 or 11... depends on whether I answer a. can't categorise them (because I assume that every driver is a short sighted, deaf 17 year old with a club right foot, a personality disorder and an appoitnment 5 minutes ago) or e. all of the above.
Road rage test link - dave18
72.5% and 18. Ahem.
Road rage test link - kithmo
72.5% and every word of it is true, so watch out if you're in Rotherham. Grrrrrrrrrr! ;-)
Road rage test link - HF
Retest this morning on test 1 upgraded me from a granny to a softy (50%, a rise of 15% overnight - maybe I had some bad dreams)

Test 2, 16 points, puts me in the same league as everyone else, just occasionally prone to fits of mild road-rage ;)
Road rage test link - PhilW
Four times I've tried to log onto that b***** site and four times my b***** computer has b***** seized up and I've had to b***** reboot it. Why? why? thats all I b***** want to know!! I want to take the b***** test and b***** well can't. What the b***** hell is wrong with it? How come all you b******s can do the test and I can't. I've even sent the link to my son and daughter - I hope it doesn't b***** foul up their b***** computers otherwise you b***** lot will b***** pay. How can I b***** find out if I'm b***** likely to be a b***** road-rager or not. b***** computers - I hate the b***** things. I'm going to kick the b***** cat now and get some b***** booze in me. Hope the b***** swear filter doesn't b***** work.
Road rage test link - HF
You old softie, Phil - or does that make you in the granny range?
HF ;)
Road rage test link - M.M
And just to balance Phil on the second link I got...

You are a saint. If everybody were like you there would be world peace.

Spookily quite correct.


Road rage test link - HF
St MM - does that have a ring to it? Maybe you could do a deal with M&S, become their new label endorser?
HF ;)
Road rage test link - PhilW
Well I managed to get it to work after I gave the computer a good smack and scored 25% which I suppose reflects my character pretty well. But if that b***** cat doesn't stop wailing pathetically in a minute I'm going to kick the s*** out of it. Where's the whisky - this wine is going to make me puke
Road rage test link - drbe
50% and I'm a softy, I thought many of the answers were irrelevant and/or "none of the above".

I believe I am a pragmatist, decide what you can change and what you can't change. If you can't change it, why bother trying? e.g. the only time I was clamped I paid the man in cash on the spot and made no fuss at all. Why give him the personal satisfaction?

On the other hand, if it is the question of a debate with a policeman or traffic warden, which might mean a ticket not being issued then go for it.

Regards all
Don drbe
Road rage test link - Daedalus
10% when being careful and 100% when I throw out the baby with the bath water, otherwise 60%. Trouble is some of the questions are not really answerable. Its a bit like the test in one of Tom Sharpes South Africa books; "how many times a week do you masturbate? 1,3,5 more than 5" absolutly no where to put 0.

Road rage test link - Tomo.
42.5% trying to be serious, 100% going for the obvious high scoring answers. What a load of fertilizer!
Road rage test link - Tomo.
And going for low score, 5%. I don't know what was the wrong answer.
Road rage test link -
I got 45%.
I might be soft, but when I am put into some of these situations, I always say to myself "will I make a difference".

Answer is no, unless I could stop them and beat them up. Of course, I am not very strong so it is pointless.

I do wish I was a police officer. I would arrest them for speeding, dangerous driving, attempted murder and the public order act. Wouldn't this feel great!!


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