running in? - KW
Anyone read this
It goes against what owners manuals say and I don't know anyone who runs in (break in as they call it in the US) a new engine by driving it hard. Surely, allowing an engine to bed down gradually is the secret to longevity and reduced oil consumption? Comments?
running in? - DavidHM
I'll start... tell your son to bed in his new Saxo VTR by driving 'gently' and your mother to drive her new Micra hard. I think it depends on the individual's driving style and most Americans drive more slowly than we do, have larger, lazier engines with a lower specific output and sit on highways for hours at a time, and let the slushbox do all the changing at sensible levels. Therefore, a car probably would benefit from being driven hard and thus seeing all ends of the rev range, rather than never getting above 2000 revs.

We, on the other hand, often have high-reving multivalvers, twisty roads where you have to slow down and can accelerate out of bends, and fast flowing traffic you accelerate into. Therefore a slightly more gentle than average driving style seems appropriate, building the car up to the 5500 rpm mark where peak power is often found. A 3.8 liter (!) Buick will probably never see that unless you thrash it.
running in? - Dave_TD
Reading it all through carefully, it seems to make sense to me. It does say, however, that the best time to follow this method is within the first 20 miles' use. My Skoda arrived with 16.1 miles on the clock, so I don't think that would have been much use! Question is, how many people are going to try and do something which goes against the manufacturer's instructions on a £10,000 (or £20,000, or £30,000) car they've just bought?
running in? - Andrew-T
DtD - and as a contributor to another recent thread has said, the factory 'testers' may well have wazzed the car about already.
running in? - henry k
Do not forget there may also be a quick sprint round the delivery ship followed by the dockyard Grand Prix and maybe even a full airfield park Grand Prix.
I guess the best chance of starting from scratch is collect a MB from the production line. I wish I had these problems.
running in? - Dave_TD
I'd like to see the look on the M-B people's faces when you sit in the car park holding the car steady on full throttle for 45 seconds!
running in? - No Do$h
Or better still, ragging a Maybach around, followed by a few J-turns as you practice your anti-hijack procedures.
running in? - P E
If anyone is going to get a new MB and plans to do that tell me about it. I'd pay to watch that 45 second full throttle trick too. Might do it on the local garages Demonstrator model.


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