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Hi folks

Next door neighbour has a non-starting problem with his 7-series that turns out to be premature bore wear. Is this the Nicasil liner problem and what can he do about it? The bill is scary. Does anyone know if BMW will foot the bill (or part of it)? It's a 1995 car I think.

If anyone has any websites or forums he can visit when his computer is working again (it hasn't been a good couple of weeks) he'd be grateful.

Sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find it.

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An excellent site for BMW information is
[link removed]

The link doesn\'t work. Try again if you wish.
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Is this the link you are looking for? ...
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I have been told that provided there is a full BMW service history BMW will quietly repair f.o.c.
BMW V8 - eMBe {P}
Some BMW sites are listed in HJ's FAQ1.

In addition to the "lestac nicasil" site,

try the forum at

or Jonh G Burn's excellent site with other links at
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Hmmm. I went to look (and eventually) buy a 98R 528 at a dealer in June last year. The car was in the workshop being prepared, on mentioning the fact that I was concerned about the nickasil problem on this age of engine to the salesman, he calls tech guy over who promptly whips out torch and says yes this was before the engine mod but no problem they'd do it under warranty anyway! One new short engine block later and happy customer. However he did say at the time that BM were looking to draw a line under this episode and not do anymore changes. but If the car has a full BM history I'd still expect them to contribute on the labour/parts.

They have handled this issue pretty fairly compared to the peugeots and vauxhalls of this world. Find a symptathetic dealer or speak to BM customer service direct. I understand that they (unmodified m52's) will all go (quickly once the nickasil coating is eroded) at some point.
BMW V8 - Baskerville
Many thanks. I'll pass on the links.

BMW V8 - Baskerville
Next door neighbour just came round to tell me what happened with BMW. He spoke to them using the information on a couple of the web sites posted here and he has a result. BMW are going to pay for a new V8 and fitting. I am amazed. Thanks to all who responded here.

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Does anyone out there expect a similair response from the likes of ford vauxhall etc it they had a similair problem i think not good on bmw
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Top marks BMW,there are not any other manufacturers that spring to mind that would do that.
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Jaguar replace engines on their 4.0 V8's if you have all FJSH up to 100,000 mile's
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ChrisR: Can your neighbour answer two questions for me, please:

1. Who did he contact at BMW ? ( Name, & Phone number of BMW customer services ?)
2. Since your neighbour is on the internet, why does he not want to join this forum and post his thanks/comments ?
BMW V8 - Baskerville

1. Don't know who he contacted at BMW. I get the impression his "man" at the local independent (this car doesn't even have FBMWSH) phoned them and then they contacted him initially. If I remember I'll ask next time I see him and post it here.

2. Though he's normally on the internet his computer is currently u/s (see my first post) so he's been using mine and that's not convenient. We all know that once you start on this site you are here for hours. Once he's up and running again I'll point him this way then it's up to him.


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