Tool box - Primera_p
I am considering purchasing a good quality toolbox as my existing doesn't really contain a great deal.

Can anyone suggest where I might find a good quality set?

I don't think I need anything out of the ordinary just something comprehensive that's going to last me.

Tool box - Mark (RLBS)
You'll need to say something about what you intend to use it for and what kind of budget you are thinking of.
Tool box - Primera_p
Ok thanks Mark, should have thought of that.

Basically I want a set of spanners, sockets, screwdrivers,pliers etc that I can use for basic car maintenance. I want to spend about £50-£100 if that's enough to get a quality product that will last me.

Tool box - A Dent{P}
Go look in Halfords at their professional range. The sets will have sizes that you may never need but they are good quality.
IMHO dont buy a tool box that already contains everything, i.e pliers and what-have-you. You what Quality over quantity and they should last many years.
A plastic tool box is under a tenner and plier sets etc are not expensive anyway
Tool box - henry k
Argos is another source of socket sets etc.
Suggestions for contents.
Socket set - Think how many sockets you will regularly use. The biggest ones are probably a waste of money as you do not often need them and you probably only want metric. More important to get all the bars, a U/J etc.
Torque wrench. £15 in Argos ,
Long screwdrivers I have 2 normal and one posidrive all 20in long
and I find I use them a lot
Buy better quality screwdrivers as they get more use that the rest of the kit and it avoids damaging screw heads.
Special screwdrivers? TORX are used on Fords
Multimeter -£12 in Argos
Mirror on a stick
Magnet on a stick
Flexi stick with claws on the end for that screw that is always going to drop somewhere awkward
Hammers- various? Maybe hard rubber one.
You can soon use your funds up.
Tool box - cider glider
If you\'re getting a torque wrench, make sure it covers the torque range you need. From what I\'ve seen, the cheaper wrenches cover a narrower range.
Tool box - Agent K
If you are going to buy tools try and go for the best you can afford. I bought my first socket/ratchet set in 1987 and it is still going strong although it was a professional quality set. With reference to torque wrenches, again don't be tempted to buy cheap sets as they become inacurate very quickly. Most pro torque wrenches have sealed bodies to prevent dust and grit getting inside. Look for a seal just under the 'socket head' where it joins the body.
I have found that fishing tackle/sailing type shops are a good source of tough light-weight plastic boxes that can be adapted to carry tools. There's nothing worse than lugging around a heavy steel toolbox plus tools.
Tool box - Primera_p
Thanks for all your suggestions.

I'll start shopping around at the weekend. I always seem to find that I spend half my time looking for the tool for the job and therefore I have less time to work on the car.

Hopefully I can get a comprehensive kit together!

I know this is a stupid question but how important is a torque wrench?
Tool box - Dynamic Dave
I know this is a stupid question but how important is
a torque wrench?

Depends entirely on what job you're doing. If you're tightening up a nut that holds the washer bottle to the bulkhead, or a bolt that supports the headlight - then just use a regular spanner. But if you're changing the head gasket or replacing a wheel bearing, it is vital. A haynes manual will tell you the specific torque you need to apply and to what bolt(s)
Tool box - ian
On the subject of torque wrenches, is it better to replace the spark plugs in the alloy head of a bmw with one or will I be ok just giving them a good tighten (without going mad!!)
Tool box - Dynamic Dave
Spark plugs never need a "good tighten" First do them up finger tight, then approx a ½ turn with the spanner afterwards if they're new, or approx ¼ of a turn if they've previously been used.

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