Trouble selecting gear on Colt - Grizzly
The gears on my 99 Mitsubishi colt have become a problem.
1st and 2nd on the downchange can be a pig to find, yet are OK when I\'m stationary, saying that none of the gears can be called smooth at all.
I\'ve tried double clutching yet doesn\'t seem to help (do I need to blip the throttle).
Anybody have a colt with the same problems, and any possible solutions?
Trouble selecting gear on Colt - james_60

i had the same prob with my car (not a colt)

it dissapeared after i had the gearbox oil changed but as you car is much newer than mine it cant be that

has the car just had its service

how far do you drive it everyday maybe it needs a nice long trip to get rid of the cobwebs and gremlins from the cars engine ancilleries etc

Hope this helps
J Stephenson

p.s also check you're gear linkages they may need lube
Trouble selecting gear on Colt - Martin Wall
Silly question but given how light the hydraulic clutch is are you sure you are fully depressing it before changing?

Also - how many miles have you done - a gearbox oil change is recommended at 54,000 miles I think....
Trouble selecting gear on Colt - Grizzly
The clutch is light enough and I'm pressing it to the floor, yet if it was clutch drag, why can I select all gears with ease at stationary?
I'm starting to think it's oil related too, it's done 41K now and all the gears are clunky.
Double clutching makes a little difference but 1st and 2nd are still difficult.
Any thoughts??
Trouble selecting gear on Colt - Martin Wall
Sorry - don\'t know. Probably worth popping down to your local Mitsubishi garage....
Trouble selecting gear on Colt - Omegaman
I don't own a Colt but in my experence, 90% of gear selection problems are clutch related, down changes on the move will certainly be noticably more difficult if your clutch is faulty. Why are you down changing to 1st on the move anyway? - most cars hate being forced into 1st gear while on the move.
ps. How many miles has the car done?
Trouble selecting gear on Colt - Grizzly
The cars done 42K, I change into 1st only when I'm creeping forwards, but 2nd is difficult to engange unless near stationary, also 1st to 2nd is clunky too.
Is there anyway of adjusting the hydraulic clutch (just to see if it's clutch drag).
The gear change is better when the car is warm (20 mins on use).
Plus do I have to crack open the gearbox to drain it, or is there a way to syphon the oil out?
Any suggestion welcome.


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