146 mph Skoda - Dynamic Dave
Police stopped a speeding Skoda doing 146 mph on the M62 at Penrith, Cumbria. The driver had borrowed the 2.6 litre Octavia from a showroom. He was jailed for 1 year and banned from driving for 10 years. He had already been banned from driving in Scotland, and admitted a string of offences, including failing to provide a blood sample following his arrest for the speeding offence.
146 mph Skoda - Rob the Bus
Blimey, he must have been flying to end up in Cumbria off the M62! It ends in Liverpool and the nearest it gets to Cumbria is the bit north of Manchester! Did you, perchance, mean the M6? Mind you, the publicity won't do Skoda any harm will it?
146 mph Skoda - DavidHM
Also, a 2.6 litre Octavia. That's news to me as well... could it have been a 2.5 litre Superb TDi (doubt it's that fast) or a 1.8 Turbo RS?
146 mph Skoda - blank
2.6 Litre? which model is this? I thought the most powerful was the 1.8T RS (top speed 146mph according to the Skoda website!!)

Or is the 2.6 litre from the same source as the Cumbrian M62?
146 mph Skoda - Dynamic Dave
Hey, don't shoot the messenger. I can't help it if the paper I read the report from is wrong. I note however that they appear to have the correct date at the top of the page - so at least they have got something right!!
146 mph Skoda - blank
Which Paper?? Grauniad?
146 mph Skoda - Dynamic Dave
Right, after some research, you lot are correct and the paper isn't. It was in fact the M6, not the M62. I can't however find mention of the car's engine size though.


146 mph Skoda - CM
Loved the bit "..Garden was banned from driving for 10 years, to run alongside the lifetime ban he is already serving."
146 mph Skoda - Dwight Van Driver

Don't get to exited. We do have some horrendous tail winds up North?


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