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Mondeo Query - keith brown
After being persuaded by HJ's frequent praising of the Mondeo I am now close to buying a 99 TD, but am a bit confused by the comments from the Mondeo Car by Car Breakdown.

The comments start off very positive but the cause of my concern is the reference ( under Whats Bad) to the "very antiquated diesel"

Does this comment apply to the Turbo Diesel, and if so does that mean the Turbo Diesel is NOT worthy of the otherwise glowing comments?

Can anyone advise please???

PS. Is 45 k miles on a 3 / 99 T any cause for futher concern???


Re: Mondeo Query - Guy Lacey
I have driven a number of Mundane-o diesels and have to say, IMHO, they are rather primitive and "diesel-like" unlike other diesels out there on the market.

Ford have finally realised this and introduced the new Focus Tdi which aims to compete with the VAG TDI engines. Ford have finally started research into diesel engines at their diesel centre of excellence in Dagenham I believe - about time.

Mondeo ST24/ST200 - now that *is* a nice Mondeo.
Rough diesels. - David Woollard

Sorry but that Ford TD is very antiquated. Quite rough and noisy. If you compare it with the "standard" Citroen/Peugeot 1.9TD they are like chalk and cheese.

The Mondeo feels like a diesel all the time whereas the Cit/Pug unit smooths out to near petrol like progress at times.

Don't take my word for it, test drive a Xantia TD alongside the Mondeo and make up yoour own mind.

Re: Rough diesels. - keith brown
FAO David and Guy, Thanks very much for your comments, unfortuantely I didn't see them before I took a test-drive. I now concur totally with your views and needless to say I did not proceed with the purchase. It seems as though HJ's glowing comments on the mondeo generally, do not refer to TD's.

Thanks again for your views,

Regards Keith
Re: Mondeo Query - Richard
The Mondeo engine is a bit out of date ... a friend of mine recently purchased a P Reg TD estate; it has proven reliable but not as economical as he hoped (37-42mpg). It is also very rough on start-up and they tend to be a bit smoky ... just watch one when you follow..!! I drive an equally out of date Primera TD (1998) which is old hat but much quieter and very pleasant to drive overall. My money would go on a Skoda Octavia if you can find one or a Passat (but they tend to be a bit pricey).

All that said,a Mondeo will do you well if you don't mind the limitations and of course they are cheap!

Re: Mondeo Query - Nick Ireland
I see that you haven't bought a Mondeo Diesel but if you had you would not have liked to have had a clutch change - over 7 hours labour alone, I am told!
Re: Mondeo Query - Bill Doodson
Dont do it, they are dogs of the first, second and last order. Get a Passat instead.

Ive had the TD and now have the V6 the TD was c**p (a company car) and the V6 is over rated and in my experience not reliable and my 15 year old Passat went around corners faster. Never listen your wife when buying a car, not even for the colour!


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