Valuation of car - please help - Carmad 10000

My mum has a renault scenic which she brought from Motorpoint in 2001. She is now considering selling the car privately and I was hoping you could help me put a valuation on it.

The specification is as follows:

Renault Scenic 1.6 Monaco (top of the range)
Full UK Specification

Extras added at purchase include:
CAT 1 Alarm System
3 Year Gold Warranty
Silver seal paint protection - (3 years?)

2001 Y reg
21,000 Miles
Full Renault Service History
Perfect Condition

I have had a valuation from Parkers and they said around £9400 private. I wasnt sure how much less it would be if it was an import - i believe auto express said about £500 but would be useful to know.

Hopefully you can help me,

Valuation of car - please help - DavidHM
Call me pessimistic, but I reckon that's about right, allowing for the fact that it's an import. Ask £9500 if you're not in a particular hurry and be wiling to drop quite a bit. A UK car would have 1 year/40k of dealer warranty left, whereas yours has none, which your pricing will have to take into account. If you can hold on to the car for another year, you'd do relatively better because by then a UK car of the same age would be out of warranty as well.

The cheapest in AutoTrader is a 40k one from a dealer at £9000, and after that they get significantly more expensive. You might also have trouble getting a good price because things like air and leather are nice, but not essential on the Scenic, and therefore won't command much of a premium over the more common bread-and-butter versions.
Valuation of car - please help - Carmad 10000
Ours does have 1 years warranty left exactly like a UK car. This guarantee is also usable through renault dealers - we deliberately brought this as we felt it was good for resale.

The car actually has air conditioning together with twin sunroofs. The leather is also a nice feature and is a bit more servicable than the cloth seats IMO. thanks a lot for your advice its really useful to get someone elses thoughts.

I think we will put it on about £9300, something like that.


If anyone has any alternative thoughts please pleave a message after the tone...beep!

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