Farewell Barry Sheene - volvoman
Barry Sheene has sadly lost his battle with throat cancer and died at the age of just 52. I can't think of a man who epitomised the very best aspects of sporting success and fighting spirit more than Barry and he will be sadly missed.
Rather like the late, great James Hunt, I'm sure he crammed far more than a normal lifetime into his life and his like will never be seen again. RIP Barry.
Farewell Barry Sheene - DWR
Thanks for posting that V.

In the 70s the name Barry Sheene was the first to come to mind for any nippy or daredevil riding.

If you were ever pulled by a friendly copper for being just a tad over the speed limit on the bike he would always start with "Who do you think you are, Barry Sheene".

And, assuming it was the same lady, nice to hear he was still with Stephanie to the end.

Farewell Barry Sheene - THe Growler
Indeed. He was the Jim Clark of motorcycle racing.
Farewell Barry Sheene - cockle {P}
The world became a less interesting place this weekend, we sadly lost two characters who helped to brighten it up a bit, Adam Faith and Barry Sheene. Both were men who no doubt had their individual faults but were definitely characters who added a little something.
I will never forget those summers of top class motorcycle racing between two great men, Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts, you couldn't take your eyes off them for a second. The vision that will always stick in my memory is the sheer cheek of Barry giving Roberts the V-sign behind his back as he passed him at some astounding speed only for Roberts to repass on the next bend! Or Barry pulling a wheelie at 150+ mph!
Absolutely classic stuff.
As they say, 'There'll never be another.'

Farewell Barry Sheene - Toad, of_Toad_Hall.
His last bike column said "Nothing startling to report on the health front so on with the bikes!".

Bless him. He and James Hunt were from an era when you could play hard off the track and still be a success on it.

Wish he'd had the Chemo.
You're a shower! You're an absolute shower!
Farewell Barry Sheene - harry m
hear hear to all the above he will be sadly missed.
Farewell Barry Sheene - Micky
Silverstone GP 1979, huge crowd (100 000 plus?) 99% cheering Bazza on .......... 2nd by half a wheel.

Kenny Roberts was a very skilled rider, but no charisma ...... and who fired the toilet block at Imatra? Disgraceful behaviour ;-)


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