rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - KW
One of the family has a 6 month old rav4 and is finding the limited door opening angle a real pain - for loading etc. I read a motoring magazine recently which contained an article about the uk law which says tail lights must be visible when the door is open hence the rav4 door doesn't open to 90 degrees. The magazine gave the part number of the US door strap that could be changed to allow 90 degree door opening - US law allow this. Unfortunately my memory is not what it used to be and I can't remember which magazine it was - and despite looking haven't been able to find it again! Can anyone help, either remember reading the article or advise on the part number?
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - AndyT
I knew I had read about this somewhere.

Autoexpress have a Rav4 on long term on test. Go to their website and navigate to 'road test'-'long term tests', and there you will find the info you require on the Rav4.
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - KW
Many thanks.
Has anyone out there fitted/used this strap, from what I can see having looked at the hinge are there's little room available for the tailgate to open much wider. Would a UK Toyota dealer be prepared to supply a part from the US or would it be necessary to get it from elsewhere?
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - marcusroberts
SWMBO has RAV4, and have put up with this minor irritation since new 2+bit years ago. Since Toyota dealers can be quite expensive for parts (particularly those not in common circulation in Europe as the RAV's are built in Japan), probably best to use one of the search engines and buy from a dealer in the US. Shipping wouldn't be too expensive, plus duty can't be that heavy on a bit of metal...!

The question is, does it affect the warranty, and what happens when SWMBO gets her precious RAV4 smacked in the a**e by some driver who can't see the rear reflectors, when she's unloading kids + kit + caboodle on the street at dusk.
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - Perturbed
Tailgate kit for the RAV 4 works in at around £60, wich is very expensive for a small metal arrestor strap. I agree with marcusroberts, you have to be very careful you do not invalidate your insurance if you fit this strap
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - Perturbed

Have a look here - it has all the info you need regarding sourcing/fitting etc, but do it at your own risk!
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - Cyd
This will be an aftermarket kit. the law in the US is the same as the UK in this instance.

I did the design for the Discovery II taildoor checkarm and had to be very carefull to ensure that the door was held open to precisely 90 degrees to enable the required 50% of the rear light to be seen through the space between the door and spare wheel (we also had to modify the wheel holder to hold the wheel further away from the door).

Be aware that your car will no longer be road legal if you fit this kit and if anyone runs into your car while the door is open because the lights could not be seen you will be held liable.
rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - Mark (RLBS)
How far does it open at the moment ? And would it obscure the lights at 90 degrees ?

And on the subject of taillights, it really annoys me that the Landcruiser's brake, indicator and back lights are in the back bumper where as the foglights are half way up the back of the car where you would expect the other lights to be. However, I notice a lot of 4x4s have it that way. Is there a reason other than fashion ?

rav4 tailgate opening - tail lights - Perturbed
The door probably only opens to about 75 degrees as std for the UK. The door wouldn't obscure the rear lights - its the spare wheel mounted on the door that covers them if its opened to 90 degrees.

Still risky I know, but a better idea would be a removable pin that stays in place 99% of the time, then could be removed for that 1% of time where a realy big opening is needed. Dont think there is such a thing though


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