Help! Balancing gone wrong! - Matt
Having felt vibrations through the steering wheel at high speeds I had my front two wheels balanced at a well known chain two days ago. Once on the motorway and accelerating up past 40MPH the vibrations were again evident but much worse than before right up past the speed limit getting worse and worse. I took the car to my local branch of the aforementioned chain and got them to rebalance the wheels. They said the wheels were miles off balance and re-balanced them. This didn\'t help at all and the vibrations were just as bad. Loosing my cool, I asked the manager if he would do it himnself and he did - much better but still very noticeable at high speed. It can\'t be a warped disc as the vibrations were less evident before I first had the wheels \"balanced\", unless I warped the disc straight after balance number one! The only thing I can think of is that either the chain I went to are not very good or that the previous owner of the car (BMW 318IS E30) had the wheels balanced whilst on the car to compensate for a warped disc etc. etc. Any suggestions would be very interesting as I\'m lost!
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - Dynamic Dave
I had my front two wheels balanced
Any suggestions would be very interesting as I'm lost!

Get the rear wheels balanced as well!
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - dieselhead

It could be a distorted wheel (kerbing.accident damage) ..unless the wheel was replaced in exactly the same position it was removed it could cause the vibration. If the discs were warped this would show up as a juddering/vibration only when the brakes are applied. I have never heard of this causing vibration during normal driving.

I would advise replacing each front wheel in turn with the spare and inspecting each wheel very carefully for damage if you notice an improvement.

hope this helps
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - Gazza
Adding my two punches of salt, hope they help.

1. Don't over-tighten the wheel-nut(s), over-tightenging the wheel may cause the brake disc to distort/wrap.

2. Check if the inner rim of the wheel is buckled. The outer rim is easy enough to check but I don't think you can check the inner rim with the tyre in place.

Help! Balancing gone wrong! - Matt
Thanks guys - will try all the above and let the results be known! Matt
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - Simon
What make of tyres are fitted on the rims that are going out of balance? I have seen it in the past where occasionally you can get a duff tyre that doesn't want to balance no matter what you do to it. This is something that is more likely to be found on 'cheap brand' tyres.
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - los
If it is mainly on acceleration
#definitely c.v.joint/drive shaft.
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - Matt
Strangely enough it's least apparent on acceleration and BMWs are all rwd anyway but thanks for the input. I personally think the overtightening of wheelnuts causing disc-warping is the most likely cause. Where can I get the wheels balanced whilst on the car - is it expensive etc. and how do they do it? Matt
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - John S

It's worth swapping the wheels front to rear to see if it is a wheel/tyre problem or related to the axle or suspension components.

Hate to mention the wheel spacers again, but are you sure the front wheels are centering properly on the hub and not just relying on the wheel bolts?


John S
Help! Balancing gone wrong! - PST
Don't know how relevant but...

Last year I had 4 new tyres put on a Merc at 'a well known chain' and balanced. Result was bad vibration at about 50mph. Went to another branch and they said the balancing was way out and balanced them again.

This was a marginal improvement but the vibration was still there. I complained to head office and customer services arranged for me to go to a third (bigger) branch. This one also found the balancing out, rebalanced and everything was OK after that.

The 'chief balancer' said that the balancing machines at the other branches were quite old and needed to be calibrated quite frequently. The only way they would know when to do this was when enough people complained about their cars vibrating after just having had a balance check.

Might be worth one more visit?


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