Suggestions for Poll Topics - Martyn [(ex) BR moderator]
Can you please make your suggestions for topics for future Back Room Polls here in this thread? I'll choose the best ones for use. Emailing them direct to me, too, would make sure I see them.
Martyn [Back Room moderator]
Suggestions for Poll Topics - Rob the Bus
Hi Martyn

How about:

1 Would you scarper from an accident caused by you if you thought that you could get away with it?

2 Have you ever driven naked?

3 Have you ever driven whilst knowingly over the drink-drive limit?

4 Would you buy a car even if you thought that it might be stolen?

Hope these help!

Never rub another man's rhubarb.
Suggestions for Poll Topics - martint123
1 Say your car is garaged and it is.
2 Say your car isn't garaged and it isn't.
2 Say your car is garaged and it isn't (no garage)
3 Say your car is garaged and it isn't (too lazy)
4 Say your car is garaged and it isn't (full of junk)
5 Say all your car are garaged but just one garage.

Thje above brought up as a local has lost a theft claim because of (5) above.

Martin (1 above).

Suggestions for Poll Topics - volvoman
How about 'should the cost of third party car insurance and VED be covered in the price of petrol to preclude evasion ?'
Suggestions for Poll Topics - HF
If you could spend an evening with any famous motoring enthusiast of your choice, whether it be a driver, racer, or journalist, or anything else, who would you choose?
Suggestions for Poll Topics - Keith S
How about:

"Have the new F1 regulations made it more exciting?"
Suggestions for Poll Topics - HF
I know we've debated it, but how about a poll to summarise our prejudices towards or against certain groups of drivers, eg white van men, women drivers, very old/very young drivers etc?
Suggestions for Poll Topics - Wally Zebon
How about something that compares our age against the number of motoring convictions we've had?

Suggestions for Poll Topics - Dave_TD
I know we've debated it, but how about a poll to
summarise our prejudices towards or against certain groups of drivers, eg
white van men, women drivers, very old/very young drivers etc?


When are we likely to see a different poll? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
Just out of interest, you understand!
Suggestions for Poll Topics - blank
How about a 2-part question
1 -So you think the motorway speed limit should be raised?

2 - What (indicated) speed do you typically drive at on a clear, dry, quiet motorway in a vehicle legally allowed to travel at a maximum of 70 mph?(<70, 71-80, 81-90, 90-100, 100+) or something.
Suggestions for Poll Topics - Toad, of_Toad_Hall.
Volvomans got it! It's a great idea. Although a dull trivia poll because all will vote yes!
I'm The Amphibian Formerly Known as Toad!!
Suggestions for Poll Topics - Mark (RLBS)
where did you hear about the backroom/HJ's site

1) Telegraph
2) Internet search
3) recommendation
4) etc.

how would you rate the backroom/HJ's site

1) very bad
2) Bad
3) ok
4) Good
5) Very good
6) full of the best looking moderators in town
Suggestions for Poll Topics - henry k
Not a subject but a suggestion on the format replies to a future poll

I noticed this on the excellent site (HJ useful sites)

Categories for your response.

Not bad
I have seen better

Suggestions for Poll Topics - Obsolete
Someone cuts you up forcing you to brake sharply. Do you:

Ignore them and get on with driving to the intended destination.

Give a warning such as a short blast on the horn, or a flash of the lights.

Hoot, flash your lights, and make obscene hand gestures.

Drop a gear or two, overtake and then repeatedly slam on the brakes to teach them a lesson.

Follow them home and beat the living daylights out of them.

You are in lane 2 overtaking traffic in lane 1 on the motorway. A car in lane 1 indicates to move right. Do you:

Move to lane 3 if possible.

Increase your distance from the car in front so that the car in lane 1 can pull in.

Carry on but be aware that the car in lane 1 might pull in front.

Carry on and when the car in lane 1 moves in front of you, tail-gate it.

Carry on and when the car in lane 1 moves in front of you, tail-gate it, flash your lights and make obscene gestures.

Speed up to make sure they don't take your rightful place in the queue.

Suggestions for Poll Topics - Flat in Fifth
You are about to be overtaken by a driver who has been closely tailgating, and you suspect that he (always a he) is about to pull in front and indulge in sharp "punishment" braking. Do you

a) speed up to close the gap so he is left high and dry on the wrong side of the road.

b) check your mirrors, lift off the gas to make more space for him, giving a flash of the brake lights to any following traffic to show you are probably going to slow down.

c) keep a constant speed and direction or

d) check to see if you have got your kid(s) in the car so you know how hard to drive into the back of him or not.


Suggestions for Poll Topics - andymc {P}
Given the amount of debate on another thread, perceptions of SUVs* might be a good topic. EG:

I like SUVs because -
I think they're safer (to be in) than cars
I go off road a lot/sometimes
They look great / I can afford to buy and run one
They're very practical
I have a better view in traffic

I don't like SUVs because -
I think they're more dangerous to be in/to be hit by than cars
They're just a fashion icon and never go off road
They're ugly / I can't afford to buy and run one
MPVs are more practical
They restrict my view in traffic

... or something along those lines.

*SUV is used here as a generic term to include all 2 or 4-wheel drive vehicles which look like an SUV!
Suggestions for Poll Topics - Robert Fleming
The way the police treated me when they pulled me over was:

a) understanding, empathetic and kind
b) polite, firm and intelligently reproachful
c) high handed, capricious and zealous
d) nauseatingly sanctimonious, pedantic and irrelevant
e) aggressive, prejudiced and vindictive

My last encounter with the police, after reversing into a parking space they were about to pull in to:
PC: "I caution you that you've admitted to drinking, so please get into the back of the police car. If you've done nothing wrong you've nothing to worry about."
Me: "We've just seen a film where the n***s said that to the Jews as they loaded them on to cattle trains" [film was The Pianist, quote was made up]
Other PC to my girlfriend: "Don't worry love, he probably won't do him for drink driving", while giving the car the once over.
Me: (After passing breath test - one glass of wine 3 hours ago) "This is all sanctimonious claptrap, isn't it?"
PC: "I won't do any of the paperwork" (meaning no 'producer' I assume)

Between them, I think they covered all five options.

Suggestions for Poll Topics - Tomo.
At last count the percentages added up to 96; one assumes the rounding off happened mostly one way.


Suggestions for Poll Topics - Dwight Van Driver

You missed out the obscene gesture?????



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