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Err...So why put the pedals in such a ridiculous position?

I was sat in a brand new 3 series saloon at the local dealership and I could not seriously believe BMW thinks that this is where the pedals should be.

For those unfamiliar as you look down to the pedals, the clutch is exactly in line with the centre of the steering wheel and dead in the middle of your legs. The brake pedal is subsequently over to the right whilst the throttle...

How it can possibly be comfortable driving this I don't know - for me to sit in the car with my feet on the pedals involved a very twisted (and painful) back position. The clutch foot rest, which in my mind is where the pedal should be, also gets in the (my) way of pressing the clutch.

I really liked the car but reckon this would kill my back - nothing like the near perfect pedal positions on the Volvo S60.

Any defenders/comments?

Dan J
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Guess I'd better cancel my order first thing tomorrow then ;)
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This subject has been discussed on this forum previously, and although I suffer from lower back problems, have experienced no discomfort after 400 mile journeys. BMW have helped to alleviate the problem by fitting a footrest against the transmission tunnel, which should be used, rather than keeping the left foot hovering over the clutch pedal. Better still when you`re on a long motorway journey, click the cruise button, and you have the freedom to position your feet wherever, to get the maximum comfort.
3 Series - Mark (RLBS)
I had a 3, and this was the one thing I didn't like. I can't say it was a particular problem in that it didn't make me ache or give me grief, I just found it uncomfortable.
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checkout www.car-seat-data.co.uk/

for info and opinions by an osteopath.

His view of the "3"? There are better, and worse from his perspective.
Some significantly worse, like the new model Mondeo.

Osteopath website - Dan J
Thanks for that link TrevorP, will be useful for the future - His analysis of my current Vectra is spot on.

It was actually a Compact I'd sat in (no saloon in showroom) and I'd guessed the layout was the same. I guess from what Mark says it still isn't brilliant but it looks marginally better than the Compact.

Still not a patch on the armchair that was in the S60!
BMW - Pugugly {P}
Driven series 3s since the mid 80s. Last one I drove for over 60k from new. Never a twinge. The only complaint I have is that there should be a foot rest for the throttle foot (when CC is engaged a la V/W - apprantly)and when wearing other than "Office" shoes the clutch foot can catch the foot rest when operating it. 530 I had this week I've not given it a thought, my legs dangle down and work the thing, maybe 'cos its ever so slightly such a bland experience.

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