Over-zealous traffic wardens - Rob the Bus
Just out of interest, I'd be curious to know where the most over-zealous, jobsworth and generally objectionable traffic wardens/parking enforcers are.

Obviously, that doofus that booked a bus for being in a controlled area reserved for buses in Manchester has to be up there somewhere, but does anybody know of any better...?
Over-zealous traffic wardens - cockle {P}
I'd like to nominate the twit who booked my colleague in Rayleigh, Essex, about six months ago. Stopped his Transit in a loading bay to offload a set of ladders off the roof and was booked, while slipping said ladders, because 'you can't be unloading or loading if you haven't got your rear doors open'. It appears that you can't offload your ladders but the greengrocer can leave his van there with the rear doors open for six hours a day, and he does.

Over-zealous traffic wardens - blowpipe
It it wasn't true, I'd have said the 'bus booked for being on a bus stop story' was a wind up, as Dom Joly did exactly the same thing in a hidden camera sketch in his series a few years back.
Over-zealous traffic wardens - Rob the Bus
Trust me, Blowpipe, it was true. It was mentioned in another thread and happened not too far from me. It was in Manchester, and the company was Bluebird Buses.

And I do remember the Dom Joly sketch. I'll bet the bus driver was looking out for the cameras!
Over-zealous traffic wardens - SteveH42

should get you the story for those that really don't believe it!
Over-zealous traffic wardens - Rob the Bus
Thanks for that Steve - at least I don't look like some kind of psychotic dream merchant now!
Over-zealous traffic wardens - Armitage Shanks{P}
Remember the Canterbury Clowns? That was a great read until stuffy officialdom got heavy handed and the site had to be moved to a Russian ISP to ensure freedom of speech!
Over-zealous traffic wardens - blowpipe
Er, Rob, I said 'IF it wasn't true'. So I didn't disbelieve you, honest!
Over-zealous traffic wardens - blowpipe
Doh, just checked and spotted my typo in the original. For 'It it' read 'If it'. Sorry.
Over-zealous traffic wardens - Dave_TD
We have a privately-enforced Controlled Parking Zone in Bedford, which was not welcome two years ago when it was introduced, which has driven a lot of trade away from the town centre, which is badly managed, and which still isn\'t welcome today!
Only certain streets have \"permitted parking\" bays in them, so these are the only streets which the parking wardens have jurisdiction over! ie the main High Street (which also happens to be the A6 trunk road) has no permitted parking areas, so the \"zoneboys\" can\'t give you a ticket for parking on the yellow lines! (Of course plod can still do you for causing an obstruction, but they never do)
However, the zoneboys excelled themselves one day last year when a disabled motorist had parked in a town centre roadside disabled parking bay, displaying her blue badge, on her return she discovered a £40 fixed penalty ticket on her car because her rear bumper was 6\" outside the end of the bay!

At least I don\'t live in Luton, there\'s a story here of a disabled woman succeeding in getting a disabled parking bay marked on the road outside her house, then getting ticketed for parking in it!
Over-zealous traffic wardens - Dave_TD
Er, what happened with the bold text there? It was supposed to cancel after the word \"can\'t\".

well, for some reason electric computers can\'t work out that when you typed b/ you really meant /b - you\'d think they\'d be able to work it out, wouldn\'t you ! I\'ve correct it for you. M.

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