Is it worth reporting... - SteveH42
I recall a while back a thread about people reporting other drivers who did something stupid or dangerous. Does anyone think it worth reporting the idiot who tried to overtake me on the outside of a roundabout as he wanted the same exit as me and promptly lost control, only avoiding a collision as I realised what he was doing and slammed the anchors on before his back end slid in to me?

If so, any suggestions how I go about it? I'm getting sick of people taking the mick at this particular roundabout, but this one was so monumentally stupid that he deserves a slap about the wrists. (Or head - take your pick)
Is it worth reporting... - volvoman
Sounds like it ought to be worth reporting Steve but whether it is in practice I wouldn't know. Perhaps DVD might be able to advise.
Is it worth reporting... - dave18
Was he speeding though?
Seriously, I once reported someone. If I remember correctly, I overtook, or joined the road quickly in front of him, or something. Nothing dangerous as he was only doing 35, 40 (NSL.) He shot past me then dived into the space in front of me. I (in hindsight, stupidly) tailgated for a short while because I was miffed. At the roundabout he blocked me in the queue and threatened violence, swearing lots, etc. It was quite scary because I had done nothing wrong and this was a big guy. Im hardly a body builder put it that way. The police took a statement but advised me I could go to court or 'allow them to file the details away for future reference.'
Is it worth reporting... - Toad, of_Toad_Hall.
I did this once when a woman forced me onto the kerb. I got a producer, never heard about the other driver. For me it wasn't worth the two trips to the police station. You might have more luck though.
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Is it worth reporting... - midlifecrisis
If you've got a witness go for it. If not, it boils down to your word against his. CPS will usually refuse to proceed in these situations. (It's hard enougth getting them to prosecute on death by dangerous driving' etc.)
Is it worth reporting... - SteveH42
He is unlikely to have been speeding as the roundabout is so tight that anyone taking it at even close to 30 is going to lose it no question. He basically tried to jump the queue by using the wrong lane on entry and then moved over in to my lane while I was still occupying it. (OK, so he slid over rather than moved over, but the point is the same)

I've not got a witness, but I also recall in that other thread instances were given where people were done on the word of one person without any witnesses.

Probably isn't worth doing anything really, but I do wish they'd monitor the driving standards on this roundabout for one day - they'd end up with loads of dangerous driving convictions and a couple of idiots off the road.
Is it worth reporting... - No Do$h
As mentioned in another thread, I reported a muppet for similar stupidity, including deliberately aiming at the passenger side of the car, with my better half and my daughter sat their screaming in fear.

Local police chose not to proceed as no independent witnesses, but have filed for future use. This after they let slip that the driver of the car was "known" to them for various nastiness.

Other threads show that some forces will pick up a small library and lob it in the general direction of the miscreant.

Give it a go, you may get a pleasant surprise. At worst, you have wasted 30 minutes of your time.
Is it worth reporting... - Toad, of_Toad_Hall.
Probably isn't worth doing anything really, but I do wish they'd
monitor the driving standards on this roundabout for one day -
they'd end up with loads of dangerous driving convictions and a
couple of idiots off the road.

Sometimes they do. I was driving home after closing time the other day. Found a jam sandwich off a roundabout in a residential area, without radar gun stopping every car for a 'chat'. In on esmooth actio he shined the torch at my keys; had a good look in the car and took a whiff of my breath (not very covertly).
They'd catch dangerous drivers, deter burglars and no doubt either catch or scare to death drink drivers. All without the annoyance of a radargun in his hand.

Community policing at it's best.

Short of valet parking my car, making me a cup of tea and tucking me into bed I don't see how they could have done a better job.
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Is it worth reporting... - Obsolete
As MLC says, no witness, no prosecution. However I believe the police are obliged to send an officer round to the (alleged) offender's house to question him. So it depends on this officers attitude. He might use it as an opportunity to point out to the person the danger of such driving, or he might think his time is being wasted and be apologetic to the person.

At least that is my slant on reporting people. I did once report someone (via phone to the local station) when I saw them overtake on blind bends, then go down a dual carriageway on the wrong side, dodging oncoming traffic. My concern was for the safety of others and in this extreme case I think Plod-U-Like welcome calls. I heard on teh phone that they had crashed.
Is it worth reporting... - Obsolete
I forgot to add that I was the ONLY person to phone the police. I was a little taken aback at that.
Is it worth reporting... - Nortones2
On balance, yes. Even though the police may take no action at times (I never presume they have coppers hanging on pegs waiting for a call) they sometimes do pursue the criminally insane. Tailgating female (for no obvious reason) was taken aback after plod followed up and called on her. Admitted being "a bit silly" so was well aware. God only knows why some drivers do this. Maybe it was a sort of therapy/compensation for a bad day!
Is it worth reporting... - BrianW
I wish there had been a way for someone to have a word with a guy on a motorbike/large scooter on the M11 tonight.
He was tailgating a small lorry at 45 or so about 3 or 4 yards behind. There was no way he could see what was in front and if the lorry had stopped or slowed sharply for any reason he'd have been straight in the back of it.
A word in his ear before it's too late might save his life.
Is it worth reporting... - Dwight Van Driver
Not much I can say as the majority has already been quoted.

It depends on the strength of the evidence i.e. witnesses and without a bump on a one to one imagine yourself having to make the decision from two stories and possibly a counter accusation.

It will also depend on the effort an individual officer puts into the task which may to his knowledge be a dead duck before he even puts pen to paper and the Job nowadays has little time for time wasting.

Nevertheless there is the premis nothing ventured nothing gained so try a complaint you never know. Its better than just considering and talking about it.


Is it worth reporting... - SteveH42
Thanks for the advise. As I originally asked, how should I go about it? The GMP website has a section for reporting non-urgent crime, but as this isn't really a crime and anyway they so no motoring-related offences, I can't really use that. Phone or write my local police station? I'd prefer online methods (OK, so I'm a lazy s**) but whatever is best.

This roundabout seems determined to involve me in an accident - a previous incident involves someone trying the same move, somehow squeezing off at the same exit at the same time and then trying to drive me in to a row of parked cars just beyond the exit. In both of these cases had I not been well aware what was going on around me I'd have had an accident no question... And for what? Because they can't be bothered to wait behind a few cars and use the correct lane...
Is it worth reporting... - No Do$h
Steve, I popped into the local station and reported it at the counter. They took details and, as the incident had only just occurred, passed the details of the car out on the radio. Then I was handed a statement form (specific to allegations of dangerous driving) and asked to fill in and post back.

Given the time that has elapsed, you may prefer to request such a form on the 'phone, but next time, if your schedule allows, nip along to the local maison du flics asap.
Is it worth reporting... - smokie
I reported a non-motoring crime to a branch of GMP before Xmas. Bloke sold me something on eBay, cashed the cheque and never sent the goods (but I visited him later and got them).

The switchboard people hadn't dealt with similar crimes therefore being unable to advise, the police officer was very helpful. He considered I should wait at least 3 months before intent was proven, but were prepared to visit the chappie to remind him to send the goods (£140 or thereabouts, and possibly others in the same boat)

It's got to be worth a call
Is it worth reporting... - slefLX
I know it's off-topic for this particular thread but a simialr thing happened to me with eBay (£300) and I never even thought about the police, I just went through the eBay process. I'll bear that in mind for future
Is it worth reporting... - Dwight Van Driver

Remember the clock is ticking from the moment the incident occurred for the offence of dangerous/careless driving which does not involve an accident is one which will require the service of Notice of Intended Prosecution on the offending Driver or Registered keeper in how many days?

Yes 14.

I would recommend a personal visit to Plodshop so that a face to face discussion take place and statement recorded with all the relevant points.



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