Audi A6 - SteveX
I am considering purchasing a used Audi A6 with the 1.8T engine, probably a 99/00 model V/W reg. What sort of things should I look out for and how much should I look to pay for the car privately. Also what are the servicing costs like for the model.
I may consider buying at auction if there are significant savings to be made. Is there a website where I can get the actual prices realised at auction for these cars or does anyone know what sort of prices have been fetched recently.

Audi A6 - Jonathan {p}
Coils are a problem on these cars.

I will log on tonight and give you the bca auction view prices (unless someone else beats me to it).

Audi A6 - IanW
I'm sure you'll get more general advice later (including 'Check the car-by-car breakdown'), but personally I'd check to see if the cam belt has been changed (at 80k IIRC), and if so, had the new design of tensioner bracket been fitted. Not sure how you'd find out, but once bitten, twice shy.
Audi A6 - CM
Out of interest why do you want to go for the A6 rather than a Passat?
Audi A6 - FergusTheDog
Good call, SWMBO has had one for 4 years and it is easily the best car she has ever had. Infinitely better finished than the Passat. The coil problem seems to affect newer cars only and Audi are getting the supply sorted out anyway.

Cabin is about the best, huge and well finished. Sports seats don't suit me. SE spec is great.

1.8T engine is very refined and economical.

You won't regret it.
Audi A6 - Jonathan {p}
AUDI A6 1.8 T Saloon, 4 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol. 99S
Avg: £5825
New: £23058
Ret: £6950
Cln: £5400
Avg: £4900
Blw: £4400
New: £23963
Ret: £9392
Trd: £6145

AUDI A6 1.8 T Saloon, 4 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol. 99V
Avg: £7040
New: £23058
Ret: £8250
Cln: £6700
Avg: £6100
Blw: £5500
New: £24129
Ret: £10735
Trd: £7405

AUDI A6 1.8 T SE Saloon, 4 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol. 00V
Avg: £7967
New: £24400
Ret: £9125
Cln: £7425
Avg: £6775
Blw: £6125
New: £24870
Ret: £11373
Trd: £8015

Audi A6 - SteveX
Thanks guys,

I had heard that the coil problem affected 1/2 yr old cars, please correct if otherwise.

I prefer the A6 to the Passat due to the perceived prestige/image, the bigger boot and interior plus the A6 seems to be a rare car on the roads.

Jonathan - thanks for the prices, can you explain what the first "Ret" means. I assume the next few are Clean, average & below average.

Does anyone know what servicing costs are like, and is it better using the main dealers or going independent.

Audi A6 - Jonathan {p}
Ret = Retail


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