Hyundai Santa Fe - PhilDews
Looking at buying a new Santa Fe. Here are some questions:

1. Which one - 2.0TD or 2.4 petrol (given an approx annual mileage of 20,000 incl 10,000 business miles at 40p per mile)

2. What sort of deal should I get as a trade in with a 306 1.4 LX 2000 X, with 52,000 on the clock. I'm looking at a PCP-type deal, or possible a loan with a deferred amount. Any one offer any advice on these deals?

3. Does anyone know of any decent Hyundai dealers somewhere in the North of England?

Any assistance much appreciated....
Hyundai Santa Fe - volvoman
Sorry Phil can't help with your question but I'd be interested to know how you get on an what you think of the car if/when you get it. Good luck.
Hyundai Santa Fe - Martin Wall
Re point 3 - why not go to Hyundai's website and get a dealer list and ring around with your requirements to see what sort of deals each is doing...

good luck!
Hyundai Santa Fe - Fullchat
Have you read the previous Sante Fe threads?
Hyundai Santa Fe - Fullchat
Also check the Autotrader website. If you do a search on the whole country it will throw up dealers selling new stuff eg 2.0TD at £15995 whick is 1K under list.
Hyundai Santa Fe - PhilDews
As usual, some good responses. Many thanks.

I have visited some of the dealers within the Yorks/Lancs region and found only one of the 3 dealers that stock the Santa Fe were helpful. Still, will keep trying!

I've read the thread on this site and also as many reviews as I could find. They all seem to say the same thing: - reliable, dull, well-specced, okay to drive. I was also looking at Rav4 but am not convinced it is worth the extra brass! (and it doesn't look as mean or have a 5-yr warranty)

I'll let you know if I get the authorisation to buy one!
Hyundai Santa Fe - jd

Have you looked at the Nissan X-Trail ?

Pricier than what you are looking at but well kitted-out and has received good reviews.

I've got one on order.....

Hyundai Santa Fe - zarqon

keep us informed about your x-trail.

I thinking of orsing one - diesel.


Hyundai Santa Fe - Mike 996
We've Had our 2.7 for a month, Still get a thrill when I get into it ! Having always had "ordinary" cars the extra visibility from the extra height is brilliant. No problems so far, it handles fine, has loads of rear leg room which was important to us along with room for the dog in the back. We have the 2003 model which came with climate and cruise controls and a 2002 price ! Make sure you don't get fobbed off with a 2002 model. Our local dealer offered us the best p/ex price and delivery was in three days.
Hyundai Santa Fe - notbetty

What are the differences betweeen the 2002 and 2003 models?
Hyundai Santa Fe - Mike 996
The 2003 model came with climate control instead of air conditioning, cruise control and heated door mirrors. There may be other changes but those were the three the dealer pointed out to me.
Hyundai Santa Fe - notbetty
The 2003 model came with climate control instead of air conditioning,cruise control and heated door mirrors. There may be other changes but those were the three the dealer pointed out to me.

Thanks, that is worth knowing
Hyundai Santa Fe - labrador
I have just ordered a diesal santa fe- changing over from a petrol freelander- can't wait to get it- took some getting used to the shape but after having driven the x trail- I preferred this and its a far bit cheaper. I went on the web and got the prices from bcc in bury then went to my local dealer and he agreed to match the price-also the finacne offer the other company was doing. Hope you get what you want
Hyundai Santa Fe - labrador
just had my diesel- really ace - gone is the ugly air vent for the diesel -and there are other small refinements to it for the better-
Hyundai Santa Fe - Fullchat
Are you saying they have taken the intercooler air scoop off the bonnet on the diesel? What are the other refinements?

Hyundai Santa Fe - Anata
Sorry what's the attraction of this vehicle?
Hyundai Santa Fe - Altea Ego
Sorry what's the attraction of this vehicle?

A lot of motor car for not much money
Hyundai Santa Fe - Anata
>A lot of motor car for not much money<
Hyundais are quite well built true, and they compete well on price new I just dont get the attraction of this catagory of vehicle at all.

If its car for money surely spending similar dosh on something 1-2 years old that retains value well, and has a good reliability record makes more sense. That way you miss the steepest part of the depreciation curb AND the money will get a much sexier motor than you would have gotten new.

When you decide to trade in or sell a few yrs down the track you will get more of your money back.
Hyundai Santa Fe -or a Kia Sorrento? - tunacat
If looking at the Santa Fe, have you also considered the Kia Sorrento? That's if you can find one - apparently they sold like hot cakes after launch.

And on the subject of Kias, I hear that they're doing the Shuma 1.6 at £7995 (after £1000 cashback), and the 2 litre Magentis at just£9995, a Mondeo-sized car which virtually every review seems to grudgingly conclude is 'actually quite good'.
What's more, you can get it for £1 deposit.

(No I don't work for Kia!)

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