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Hello. I'm on the look out for a brand new car within the next month. The model I have my eye on has a euro 5 emission standard engine. Am I right (or mistaken) that it has to be registered by the 1st September regardless due to all new cars having to be euro 6 standard from the beginning of next month?

Euro 5 engines - RobJP

Yes, it does mean that. So either a really big discount to buy it new, or a really big discount to buy it pre-registered next month.

Euro 5 engines - Miller2

Thanks for the reply, great news I will wait a month or so and hopefully shave at least a grand off the asking price.

Euro 5 engines - RT

Thanks for the reply, great news I will wait a month or so and hopefully shave at least a grand off the asking price.

You've only got until Monday 31st of August - a Euro 5 car CAN'T be registered/sold new after that.

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Euro 5 engines - Miller2

Are you sure? A dealer of the car in question said I could have it as a 65 plate.

Euro 5 engines - skidpan

We got a cracking deal when Euro 3 was replaced by Euro 4. All cars sold after Dec 31 2005 had to be Euro 4 and the dealer had several Euro 3 models he wanted gone, preferably by mid December. His only alternatives if they were not sold was to scrap them or pre-register them but then he would have needed to keep them for 6 months to comply with the pre-reg rules. He was more than happy to do a stonking deal to get them off his premises before the required date.

Obviously waiting a month for pre-reg will not work, 6 months is the law so you would need to wait until late February. Any dealer who sells you one sooner will keep the V5C which is illegal and could potentially leave you uninsurred and up the creek.

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Euro 5 engines - Engineer Andy

Are any manufacturers in trouble on this front, i.e. are now desparately trying to shift their last over-stocked Euro V vehicles? Are they going to do what they did last time and re-map the engines to get certificated as Euro VI? That didn't do much for the performance of many cars - I know the facelifted Mazda3 (mk1.5 - I own a mk1) increased its 0-60 time by 0.5sec and was even less responsive on the throttle than mine, carried through to the mk2 whose sales nosedived in comparison (even when factoring in the economic climate). Let's hope they are more sensible this time around.

There could be a hell of a lot of pre-registered cars (and vans?) available on Septemeber 2nd then - I wonder how many will filter down (and how quickly) to the car supermarkets? I bought my Mazda (>25% off new price with 17 miles on the clock) nearly 10 years ago when there was huge over-stocking of cars in the UK, which meant pre-registered car prices were rock bottom. Time for another look round? Hmm.

Euro 5 engines - RobJP

They can't remap, or do anything else, to the engines to make them Euro 6 compatible. They have been manufactured under type approval as Euro 5, and that is it, end of story.

The other problem for manufacturers is that they're also bound by overall CO2 nmbers : basically, they've got to average under a certain figure for all their cars for the year. As such, they're desperate to get really low emission cars out as well, to compensate for the higher emission ones.

Expect good deals, hopefully. Personally if I was in the market for a new/pre-reg car, I'd go and have a look at what the various brokers could do (coast2coast, drivethedeal, etc) and use that as a stick to beat a main dealer price as close to it as possible (for new cars), or quite a bit lower (for pre-reg).


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