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Bouncy Metro - peter
G reg Metro very low mileage 17k. Was repressurised about 6 months ago due to lo ride height and has suddenly started becoming extremeley bouncy with a very pronounced front to back pitch that is bordering on outright dangerous if combining a bend with a bump. The reaction to Road humps at even 20mph is hard to believe. The ride height is I suspect a little lo but correct figure is not to hand.

Any comments advice appreciated.
Re: Bouncy Metro - Andrew Hamilton
Ride height shown in my Haynes manual. Regretfully only covers to 1986. Height to wheel arch from centre of tyre front 12.87, rear 12.64in all +/-0.4in
Re: Bouncy Metro - Don Cox
The ride height is 327 mm +/- 10mm front and 321 +/- 10 rear that is wheel centre to underside of wheel arch. Roughly this is a three finger gap between the tyre top and the underside of the arch, it isn't that critical. The system on your car, I'm pretty sure,is arranged so that the front units stand alone ie not connected to anything else, and the rear units are linked across the axle. Only the later,Rover,metros had front back linking. It sounds to me as though when you last had it inflated air may have been introduced into part or all of the system. It may be worth your while to have the system deflated at all three points one at a time and then reinflated to the correct height,this procedure would bleed out any air. I would expect to be able to do this inside 3/4 of an hour


Don Cox.
Re: Bouncy Metro Anorak required? - peter
I guess since it is badged as a Rover Metro (was G the transirion time?)it probably has front to back linking. I cannot imagine that the pitching could be that bad without some front to back element! Is there some kind of limiting valve or similar in the front to back pipe work? Next time I go underneath I will try to look for it. But there appears no visible leaks. There must be a real Metro anorak out there somewhere.....

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