Skoda Fabia Estate Mk1 - Air Con - Zolasdad

2005 Mk1 Fabia Estate. 1.9TDi

FSH from new, but no mention anywhere of any work or recharging of the air con.

Currently in Spain and whilst the air con does work, I am not convinced that it works as well as it could; that might be due to the heat.

My question is, to what temperature should the system cool the air, or by how much from ambient should it drop?


Skoda Fabia Estate Mk1 - Air Con - bathtub tom

I was told that 10% loss of gas per year was acceptable.

Remind me, how old's the car?

Skoda Fabia Estate Mk1 - Air Con - elekie&a/c doctor
With an outside/ambient temp of 30degrees,I would expect the vent temp to be 10 degrees or less.The system ,in theory,should not lose any gas ,or marginal amount,over a 3year plus period ,but unfortunately cars are not like that.Suggest get the system checked and don,t forget the pollen/cabin filter.
Skoda Fabia Estate Mk1 - Air Con - Zolasdad


I'll connect the thermometer up tomorrow and see what the results are.

Pollen filter I changed when I did the oil and filters when I bought the vehicle.

Skoda Fabia Estate Mk1 - Air Con - Zolasdad

Just to let you know, kept the car in shade all night. At 10.00 the car thermometer and my multi-meter both showed 27C. Air con switched on and the multi-meter showed a steady 5C - happy with that! Thanks again.


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