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The wife's A3 has recently developed what I can best describe as 'twichy' steering. It only happens in a straight line on dual carriageways/motorways at speeds of 50mph+ where the steering wheel seems to grab (feels slightly notchy) almost like there is play in the steering, but at slower speeds all seems fine, no play at all and you can't replicate it, no matter how hard you rock the steering wheel, no discernable knocks or noise.

It is a little alarming when it does happen.

Steering racks do seem problematic on this model, but the light on the dash doesn't indicate there is a problem.

Have given all the boots a visual and look OK, tyre pressures checked and OK have also swapped tyres front to rear, although it did appear to be worse afterwards. As I said when using the steering vigorously as lower speeds no play is dectable,

Most grateful for any suggestions, the car only does about 5k a year and is in generally good condition, don't really want to get rid, but if a big bill such as a steering rack it might be a consideratio considering its age.

Thank You

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Audi A3 1.6 Sport 2004 - 'Twitchy Steering' - gordonbennet

If it got slightly worse after you swapped the wheels around you've hopefully ruled tyres out.

First thing i'd do is get the front wheel alignment checked, sounds like it could be toeing out to me, you might notice it more on a wet road if you drive along with one set of wheels on the continuous white line, the less grip afforded by painted lines can give a good indication of alignment if you have 'feel'.

Audi A3 1.6 Sport 2004 - 'Twitchy Steering' - Peter.N.

... and check the tyre pressures of course.


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