Fiesta EMS warning light - linac eng
I don't see any engine management warning light on the dash of my 1.25 fiesta. How do you know if the EMS detects a problem with a transducer for example?
Can you read fault codes without expensive test eqpt?

Fiesta EMS warning light - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
There isn't one and yes you do need specialist equipment.

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Fiesta EMS warning light - JamesH
How old is your Fiesta? My 2000 model has an engine management light at the top left of the instruments. It comes on for a few seconds before starting the engine.

It's unlikely to indicate a minor fault but if it flashes while driving then the car should be seen to quickly.

Fiesta EMS warning light - linac eng
It's a 97 model. I think they changed the dash design shortly after. If it doesn't have one it's a bit daft really. I'm sure I could probably tell if it wasn't running OK but I'm sure many wouldn't and may drive on causing damage to CAT etc.
Fiesta EMS warning light - jc
Engine management lights did not become a legal requirement until Jan.2001.The electronics system could be interrogated before that but did not store fault codes.
Fiesta EMS warning light - RisingStar
Not all fiestas have the engine warning light unfortunately. Ford being a bit tight, but it does have diagnostic equipment onboard. models up to 2000 did not have them fitted. certain basic models mainly. especially a lot of endura's didn't have them as well.


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