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Ford Fiesta 1.6 tdci econetic - Misfire -possible over cooling ? - Khc168
My fiesta has an annoying problem whereas it appears to misfire after lifting your foot of the accelerator. It starts fine, pulls great etc but when driving and you lift your foot off the accelerator there are two jolts in quick succession. It does it all the time, always two, but the intensity varies Depending on how cold the weather is. Colder it is the worse they are.

Another issue which might be connected, the engine temp never gets above 82 oC mostly sits under 80. I have had the car since just before Xmas so I have not really experienced any warm weather yet but I would have thought it would have got above 90. This might the normal temp but the car doesn't have a temp gauge so difficult to assess. The heater blow hot after about 4 miles which I think is par for the course for a diesel so seems to warm up ok but the engine just doesn't get as hot as I would have thought. Oh one final thing when the car is warming up and say after a few mins driving and I stop at the lights the revs drop slightly and immediately recover.

The car has a full service history, no fault codes, good mpg, drives great except for the annoying problem. The garage said the computer says no faults found and all normal.

Any pointers would be fantastic

If you need anything else please let me know

1.6 econetic fiesta, 35000 miles,

Ford Fiesta 1.6 tdci econetic - Misfire -possible over cooling ? - Peter.N.

Low engine temperature can cause problems but I wouldn't descibe 82C as being very low.

You really need to take it to a diesel specialist as most dealers know little or nothing about them but a good specialist will have had the problem before and know what it is.

This is a similar engine to the Peugeot/Citroen one, they can suffer with turbo failure due to degraded engine oil, to keep yours trouble free I would change the oil at at least twice the recommended intervals.


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