starter motor faulty? - robotrob
i have astra mk2, recent problems include stalling after 10 mins drive; carbonised spark plugs; faulty battery.( sparks & battery replaced); today it wouldn't start. nor turn the engine; i checked for loose wires etc, found 1 and rewired it on the ignition switch. i eventually called in the breakdown mechs, and although they managed to start the car by short towing they warned me that starter motor is faulty and may not restart if left off overnight. can anyone advise on where i go from here and could a dodgy starter motor explain the cutting out/stalling problem mentioned earlier. how would i proceed with removing current starter motor to take to auto-sparks as haynes mentioned the procedure for 1.2cc and 16 valve 1.6cc only. how much can i expect to pay for repair/replacement etc. any and all advice on this most welcome urgently please. thanks again.... rob
starter motor faulty? - RichardW

Only questions I'm afraid....
Carb or injection? If carb - manual or auto choke? Carbonised -- with dry soot or oily gunk? Fuel consumption gone up? How was battery faulty? How long ago was new battery fitted? Did you have other electrics this morning, eg headlights. Have you checked the alternator is charging correctly? After they tow started it, would the engine turn over on the starter?

Getting it off shouldn't be too hard - just undo the cables and the mounting bolts (3 - 5 usually) and lift it out. No idea about price as I have never had to have a new one!

starter motor faulty? - robotrob
ta richard; in reply its a 2e3 carb, with a manual choke,the sparks are dry sooty(over-rich mixture-??). the battery was old and wouldnt hold a charge for too long, hence replaced it. new battery was only fitted today (i thought prob was discharged battery-so renewed it). yes, i managed to turn over engine on the starter after they towed it, also 2 hours later. just now.;i'd really appreciate any further advice, clues you may have, thanks....rob.
starter motor faulty? - Robert Fleming
The starter motor failure is not related to the poor running of the car. You can probably get a servicable starter from the scrappy for about a tenner, which will also give you some practice in taking it off.

Cutting out can be dodgy wiring, carb icing, dicky ign amp/hall sender, leaking carb gasket, all sorts of things - try and describe exactly how it cuts out. Chugs/dies immediately? Restarts immediately? When warming up, on a run?

starter motor faulty? - robotrob
ta robert, well when you start the car, it will not idle too well(just tried it)and cuts out immediately you ease off the accellorater; if it gets too run on the road for ten mi9ns or so it chugs usually and cuts out,esp when slowing for junctions etc. you can restart immediately, but it can be a bit nervy restarting in gear if you know what i mean. i think there may be a vac. leak somewhere, but after being unable to get the problem replicated by my garage a bit wary of going to another garage just yet till i can give them what i have tested myself and know therefore is not the root cause.....rob.
any further ideas,clues appreciated.
starter motor faulty? - Ben F
Hi Rob. I Used to have an MK2 Astra as well and although I never had any problems with the starter motor, I did have problems with it stalling intermitantly. I eventually tracked the problem down to the crank case breather pipe which vents the fumes from the crankcase back into the top of the carb. Every so often this was spitting out oil into the top of the carb which I think must have been blocking the idle jets. Taking the top off the carb and cleaning it all out seemed to solve the problem, until it happened again!

If this is happening in your case, you should be able to see oil around the top of the carb when you take the air cleaner off. I later found out that the oil separator (to which the breather pipe is attached) was completely bunged up and this was causing oil to come out of the breather pipe.

Also check whether or not there's any vacuum getting to the distibutor advance. With my Astra (1.3) the vacuum pipe came from a projection on the carb (sort of stubby pipe sticking out)and I found out that this was blocked and no amount of effort would unblock it. In the end I put a T-piece on one of the other other vacuum pipes (I think the one for the choke pull-down if you know what that is) and attached the vacuum pipe to this which solved the problem. At least it did once I'd also replaced the vacuum advance on the distributor which was also knackered......!

Hope this helps.
starter motor faulty? - Peter D
It sounds like you have one of two problems. So when you try and start the car does the solenoid clunk then nothing. If so either the contacts in the solenoid are burnt or the starter brushes have had it. I do not know why you ask where you can get a replacement unit from, surely you have a independent motor accessory shop near you, a motor factors or even a Halfords although a bit more expensive. A breakers yard is OK if you find the price is too high from a motor factors or you are unsure whether it will fix your problem. YOU MUST DISCONNECT YOUR BATTERY before starting work on the starter. Now the fuelling problem, First check all the emission control pipe work is correct and any vacuum pipes are in order, check around all the carb pipe work, manifolds and carb for any signs of an air leak by using a small bore length of pipe ( screen washer pipe ) now hold one end close to your ear and search around the areas with the other for any leaks. Assuming no leaks and your feul pump/supply is OK then it ‘s a carb problem and if you do not know where to get a replacement starter from I suggest you do not tackle a card rebuild but locate a tune up specialist. Good Luck Peter

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