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I'm new to this but does anyone know anything about an outfit called Repo? They sell cars repossessed by finance companies at well below market price. They ask for money up front and deliver the car to your door but promise a full refund if you are not happy with the car. These are nearly new vehicles in most cases and the discounts are huge. Possibly to good to be true?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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There are a couple of threads about these sorts of operations on MoneySavingExpert, etc. The consensus is, it's not trustworthy, especially as you're buying cash upfront and sight unseen. So yes, too good to be true.

There are a couple of places which are essentially used car dealers who specialise in repossessed vehicles, like where you visit and inspect the vehicle as you would with a 'normal' used car purchase. I would suggest that's a better way of doing things.

(PS - I am not affiliated with the dealer above)

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One careless owner cars are normally available direct from company employed to return the car.

You can purchase them direclty from them and normally you go inspect and pay there and then

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I would NEVER pay for a car without physically seeing it. A holding deposit, maybe - from a reputable dealer (i.e. main agent, etc), but paying the entire amount up front is asking to get scammed.

Remember the old adage : it if looks too good to be true ...

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They do not look that cheap to me .

I would rather go to an auction.

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Someone who can't afford the repayments on a car isn't likely to have spent too much if anything on maintaining it.

Cars with poor or no history should be bought very cheaply if at all, to take account of the several thousand pounds they may need to bring them back up to scratch if it's possible, the history you cannot legitimately rewrite unless you are in the media or a politician.

I have bought sight unseen, bought the Outback unseen for a song cheap enough that i could recoup the outlay for parts only if needed, wouldn't dream of doing so anything over a £grand though.

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