V70 Oil Changes - Clear Spot
I'm picking up my V70 D5 later this week. Its done 17k so with 12,000 miles service intervals, it could do with an interim oil / filter change pdq (as generally recommended for long life in the backroom).
My question is where should I get this done, as I am a tad reluctant to pay Volvo dealer labour charges. If I go to Kwik Fit or similar what oil should I specify and would this have any effect on the Volvo warranty?
(I know I should have built this into the negotiations when I did the deal, but I didn't think of it at the time)
V70 Oil Changes - Clear Spot
Sorry Mark, meant to post in technical.
V70 Oil Changes - Dan J
Best to do it yourself.

However - I'm guessing that perhaps you don't like doing these kind of things yourself so other suggestion - Buy whatever oil is required/you wish to use but ensure you buy a Volvo part filter for the car.

Fast fit centres generally do a good job of oil changes but seem to often use "pattern" filters. Get them to do it and try and get a few quid knocked off for supplying your own filter.

Voila - one oil changed car and should you suffer some nasty engine failure (god forbid!) noone will be any the wiser...

Dan J
V70 Oil Changes - Peter D
Is it still under the Volvo warrantee, if so have it done a a Volvo garage. Peter
V70 Oil Changes - Dan J
Why pay the Volvo garage 3 times what you can get it done for elsewhere though?

If you use the proper Volvo filter noone is going to know any different.
V70 Oil Changes - Durelli
As a side note the Volvo owners club


gets a volvo genuine parts discount for members, and some dealers also do them a labour discount.

They also have a list of recomended independent volvo specialists.

CS, is yours an automatic?

If you have an automatic would you get the gearbox oil changed at the same time?

Do you know what is included in the 12k first service? Engine oil change? Gearbox oil change?

What oil do volvo recomend for the D5?

V70 Oil Changes - Crombster
Two weeks after a Kwikfit oil change I had leaking cam rocker cover gaskets and just under an inch of oil over the MAX mark on the dipstick.

A coincidence perhaps, but an expensive one!


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