Ford Fiesta Van 1.4 TDCI 2004 - EAC Fail - Mikey951

My van went into EAC fail last September & in january I put into ford for them to diagnose
The problem which they come back with 1, abs pump / module failure, along with 2, fuel
Temp sensor...3, Near side front wheel sensor... 4, glow plug fault codes
5, low battery output , after obtaining the part number & engineering number for ford
I sourced the correct pump with a 3 month warranty for a diesel specialist which all
Their unit gets tested before sent out, so got the pump fitted by my mechanic and
Sent the van back into ford to get the pump re programed & wouldnt re program
And clear the EAC fail .. Now for has work on my van for 2 & half hours and
Want it for a couple days at 72.00 per hour to look into the wiring loom & other
Areas.. After reading all you guys comments about this EAC Fail .. !

Do I trust ford for couple more hours on the van or tell the to read the
Formas first before send the van in ..?

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