new zafira? - Hairy Hat Man
I would appreciate a 'sanity check' from anyone out there on my intent to buy a new zafira.

SWMBO hands back her company BMW in a couple of months at the end of her maternity leave.
With the twins, we now have 3 kids under 5 and need something practical (it's a real struggle getting 3 child seats into the back of the 320 touring).
The zafira seems like a sensible compromise between an estate and full sized MPV, but the middle seat in the back only has a lap belt. Until now that is. The new 2003 model has 7 3 point belts. But I've never thought that buying a new car with your own money made financial sense. However, because the zafira holds it's value so well and I've sourced a UK one at 20% (£3,100) off list price and I can finance it at 5% apr, the numbers are starting to look quite attractive.

Any comments or favoured alternatives gratefully received.
new zafira? - cabsmanuk
I have recently had a Zafira and a Multipla on 24 hour test as replacement company cars. The Zafira (diesel) was ok to drive but incredibly boring and the rear seats were a pain to get in even for an 11 and 4 year old. The Multipla was nicer to drive but I think the diesel would be better than the asthmatic petrol version I had. Interior layout was excelent and luggage carrying space better than my Sharan. Build quality was a bit iffy. I\'m still waiting to test the new Espace.
new zafira? - KB.
They strike me as being eminently practical, sensible, roomy, not unattractive in a plain sort of way with a decent elevated driving position and easy to fold rear seats which, when lowered, give stacks of room. They're very popular here (edge of London/Essex). They keep winning awards for this and that. They have a half decent economical diesel as an option. The Astra on which it is based has always been respected as a sturdy vehicle in an accident. They have practical plastic protection all round the body to help with supermarket trolley damage ( I just picked up the first parking ding on my new Yaris this week )

I read that some use too much oil when new. I didn't know that the residuals were unusually good on them - would have expected them to be average. It's a Vauxhall and some people don't like some aspects of their reliability and dealer network. Not so many are so critical of Honda/Toyota/Mazda/Nissan.

Is your source local to you so you can go back to them if there's problems? You quote a good discount for the new 03 model - dare you say where?

Overall, it would get my vote, for what it's worth.

new zafira? - Hairy Hat Man
The problem with the multipla is 1. It looks awful and 2. the boot space.
The zafira swallows the twins' double pram with room to spare. I doubt the multipla would take their buggy!

I've been warned off the diesel, due to reports of its oil usage although Vauxhall have allegedly fixed this, they can't claim to have done so or they would be admitting that there was indeed a problem.

Residuals work out at over 50% (retail price new to trade in value after 3 years) more if I sell privately. I reckon it'll cost me £1,300 a year in depreciation with average miles. Not bad for a brand new, UK warranted (3 yr) 7 seater.

The deal is via the internet (Lloyds TSB), but the car will apparently be pdi'd and delivered via a local Vauxhall dealer so after sales service should be ok.
new zafira? - CM
Do you really need an MPV. Why not go for a wider bodied estate? The 5 estate is (or seems) quite a lot wider than the 3. For those times that you really need space get a roof-box.

That's what I plan to do, as I know where you are coming from with regards to prams (why are they all so big!!).
new zafira? - Hairy Hat Man
Yes, I agree an estate will probably provide the load space we need 98% of the time.
The added advantage of the mpv is its height. With 3 kids in the back it's a pain in the ar... sorry back, bending down fixing them all in - especially the one in the middle.

No such problem with a higher vehicle like the zafira.

BTW, cost of the zafira has just gone up £400. Good job I got a quote fixed for 14 days last week.
new zafira? - Hairy Hat Man
Plus, having 2 extra seats will be useful from time to time.
new zafira? - hxj

Well I've had one, a 60,000 mile 1.8 Elegance, for almost three years now and enjoyed every moment of it. No real problems at all and cash wise far cheaper than a full size MPV.

Sure its boring, but I have 4 kids from 3-13, and it works.

Cash wise its far better than a proper MPV and also means that when we go and stay with the mother in law we can take all the luggage in the car and take her out with us as well, may be not so good?!
new zafira? - Hairy Hat Man
Thanks for all your comments.
Deal has been done, delivery should be the beginning of June.
new zafira? - Dez
I am currently looking at the DTi version of the Zafira as my father is disabled and it will be easier to take him , my mum and my family out in the one car, would you be able to tell me the UK source where you saved so much money?


new zafira? - Altea Ego
You need to be sure the oil useage problem on the DTi has been fixed. Can anyone comment if this has been resolved?
new zafira? - KB.
I keep an eye open for news of this or indeed the new diesel engine which I thought was due to replace the old one. I've seen nothing anywhere hinting at either.

Trouble is, when you look at what you get if comparing a discounted diesel Zafira and a 2.0 Hdi Desire Picasso (at a discounted £10,400 OTR), the Zafira looks dear and I wasn't aware that the dealers and the reliability of Vauxhall was much different to that of Citroen.
new zafira? - DavidHM
Agree but the poster who revived this thread said that he wants to take the family out in one car; presumably this means he wants a cheap 7 seater.

If he's in no hurry maybe a Grand Scénic would do the job? £12886 from is the best I can do. £12995 from Reg Vardy if you want to deal with someone local.
new zafira? - Altea Ego
New Scenic due out in September, Grande Scenic may not appear till next year,
new zafira? - Hairy Hat Man
I got mine from CarSelect (LLoyds TSB) at
but their prices have now gone up by nearly 10% on the 1.8 design I bought. We're very happy with it... boring, but extremely practicle.

At the time, after some serious haggling Reg Vardy came close to matching CarSelect's price.

I also considered buying from
who are still offering very good deals.


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