Citroen bashers - davo
For those who like to bash Citroen, read the front page of the job section in the DT. 10 jobs advertised with Citroen UK, 8 in sales or related - just 2 in customer service!! Says quite alot one way or another.
Citroen bashers - smokie
Er - they have more vacancies in sales than customer serevice? :-)
Citroen bashers - L'escargot
For those who like to bash Citroen, read the front page
of the job section in the DT. 10 jobs advertised with
Citroen UK, 8 in sales or related - just 2 in
customer service!! Says quite alot one way or another.

Er ~ are wages better in "customer service" than in "sales or related" ?

L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Citroen bashers - PhilW
They are selling loads of cars and getting no complaints?
Citroen bashers - Ben79
As HJ said, he gets fewer problems reported from Citroen owners compared with other french marques.

Citroen bashers - matt35 {P}

Just to record that I worked for a German boss for 24 years - always insisted that I got a German was American, so I got 5 Citroen CX and 2 Turbo Diesel XMs -all automatics - just to be Glaswegian.

I enjoyed every one of them, had one major problem when a crankshaft broke, well out of warranty - Citroen paid the £1600 bill and told the dealer to wash the car and empty the ashtray!

This apart, I had a stone through a radiator and a minor electrical problem in 26 years (bought the last one on retirement and kept it for two years).

Bought a Jag X Type last year - love it - but still miss the torque and the auto box of the XM Turbo diesel and still chufed that Citroen were for some years(still?) the fastest growing company in the UK...let them bash - they don't know what they are missing?

Citroen bashers - davo
Hey guys I'm not a Citroen basher but have noticed many who are. What I would say as a new user of this forum, it has opened my eyes to the number of problems there are with the cars and the treatment many have had from the dealers.

I have always admired their design qualities, but have definately been put of including a C5 estate in my shortlist for my next car. Would love to be persuaded to put it back in because on Paper it represents great value for money from the likes of DFP.

I work on the principle that for most people to put pen to paper and complain, they are usually pretty disatisfied, after all who likes to admit they made such a big mistake with a purchase.

In time I will do searches for complaints from other owners such as VW etc.
Citroen bashers - Ben79
Now that VW have had the coil problem, I guess there are more 1 to 2 year old VWs broken down at the moment than Citroens!!

Citroen bashers - KB.
As I've said here before - Hundreds of builders/delivery firms/utilities use the Berlingo and still keep buying more.
I suppose they can't be that bad if there are so many about. Yet so many people have reservations about buying French

What are Ford, Vauxhall, and all the others doing to compete? Strikes me Citoen have this particular market sewn up.

Citroen bashers - L'escargot
I had two ZX's from new (a 1.9l petrol Volcane and a 1.8l petrol Aura) and they were both more unreliable than any Ford I have ever had, starting with a 1976 Escort followed by several more Escorts, then an XR2, followed by an XR3i, and finally (after the ZX's and an iffy 306 XSi) my present Focus.

L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Citroen bashers - FergusTheDog
I was a real Citroen follower at one time. The old GS was light years ahead of its time and I still covet the DS and TA.

What put me off (forever probably) was an appalling ZX Avantage Diesel (circa 1993) that reduced itself to a kit of parts over about 15 months, did about 75 flat out and 35 mpg at its very best.

The local dealership (who supplied it) simply did not give a flying wotsit and threatened me with a bill when this usless lump disgorged about 5 gallons of diesel over the forecourt. Then there was the incident when it was recovered because it wouldn't start, followed by a solicitor's letter (really) telling me that the poor starting was my fault and I should use the glow plugs. Funny how they had to use first an XM and then a commercial van to jump start the thing into life when I collected it... No other dealers within a hour's drive so Citroen despatched to the "not interested" pile.

Are modern Citroens any good? Don't know and simply don't care. There is always a reason for "bashing". The kast one I got in was a Parisian Taxi (a C5) and it sounded like a tractor on a cold morning.
Citroen bashers - PaulF

We've had most makes of car over the last 30 years, nine of them Citroens and it's these that have proved to be the most reliable and pleasurable to own. Apart from service items the only replacement parts in total have been 2 clutches, 1 water pump and 3 batteries and 3 exhausts (none on any of the diesels). The cars have ranged from new to auction fodder, some of these with mileages in excess of 200,000 miles!

What else can I say? Although when I announce to my friends that I am buying yet another Citroen I am always greeted with expressions of horror and "...I wouldn't if I was you..." or "...I've heard that they explode regularly..." or "...they break down all the time - don't they...?

In the meantime I'll leave them with their nice reliable Vauxhalls and Fords and continue buying terrible Citroens!

Citroen bashers - bafta
This might mean that they want lots of extra people to push these cars, with their problems, but don't give a flying fanny what happens after you have bought them. Citroens were very interesting and advanced cars, if somewhat mercurial. They had style and elan but that was then and this is now. Aren't they made by Peugeot?
Citroen bashers - r_welfare
Peugeot took Citroen over in the early 70's. You could argue that smaller Citroens from say the Visa onwards are not really *that* different from the Peugeots they are based on (look at a Saxo and 106 side-by-side to see what I mean), but the bigger cars still retain some elements of classic Citroen engineering, such as the suspension. The Peugeot diesel engines have really helped sales of the big cars in recent years, as I recall the original CX petrol motor design stretched back through the DS to the Traction Avant (Citroen historians, feel free to correct me)!

The reason Citroen sell a lot of cars at the moment is due to the cracking offers they do. They are not intrinsically bad cars - very few new cars these days have glaring major defects - it just seems that they have more than their share of problems, which may be down to the way some of them are built.

Back in the 70s and before, the cars were genuinely advanced from an engineering perspective. When I was a wee nipper of 5 or 6 in the early 80s, my best friend's mum used to drive us to school in a GS C-Matic, and it was so unlike my dad's Ital it may as well have come from Mars! Then in the early 90s the ZX and Saxo began to go a bit mainstream, but cars like the C3 shows that Citroen is going back to being more eccentric. Whether it will pay off or not, I don't know. It certainly hasn't taken long for the big discounts to be applied - unusual for such a new model?
Citroen bashers - Reggie
I bought an old BX 1.7TD from a friend for £500 3 years ago. On the second (attempted) startup the battrey failed, and on about the tenth startup the hydraulic suspension pump failed. A new battrey £40, a second hand pump £40, and then I had a year and a halfs trouble free motoring, and when it hit its (narrow) powerband, did it lift off, and also gave 45+ mpg. I still look back with lots of affection to this car as it was "different" and with a fantastic ride.
I'm re-aquainting myself next week with Citroen as I am purchasing a C3 16v HDI. Yes I did consider a Yaris and a Honda Jazz, and maybe i'll live to regret it, time will tell.
Citroen bashers - bafta
You go with it, Reggie. If people didn't buy all these different cars we would have nothing to talk about. Good luck and enjoy!
Citroen bashers - bernie
Well Reggie,I have tried a Citroen C3 HDI 16V and a diesel Yaris yesterday and I have to say I preferred the Citroen.The engine is a cracker.The much vaunted D4D Yaris engine felt limp and clattery to me by comparison !Also the spec for the money is poor.

The only downside to the Citroen was the cheapish looking interior plastic,but then again the drivers door on the Yaris felt and sounded about as thick as a baked bean can,no sound deadening at all.
Citroen bashers - bafta
Good diesel engines. Part of the reason that Citroen bought Peugeot is it not?
Citroen bashers - bafta
Whoops, wrong way round - I think I'd better have a cup of tea.
Citroen bashers - No Do$h
Earliest automotive memory (c. 1973) is my poor departed dad's Ami 8. Cracking car!

Still lust after a DS, although one of those nice Maserati/Citreon numbers (can't remember the designation) would be a reasonable second prize.
Citroen bashers - RichardW
SM - Serie Maserati

MMMMM I'd like one of those too.....

C3 v Jazz - davo
Can't speak for the Yaris, but I nearly bought a Jazz for my wife. Great car spoiled by the most apalling ride - the salesman, sat in the back, couldn't actually speak when going over bumps because of the bouncing around.

C3 looks great on paper and in the flesh, not driven one yet though.

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