coil packs problem not just 20VT? - Blurred
The coil pack problem for 20 valve turbo cars in the VAG range is pretty well documented, I have a TT currently sitting at the dealers and therefore have been quite interested in all the news.

But does this issue affect other VAG cars. A work colleague who drives a 1.6 Seat Leon described his car sounding and behaving exactly like my TT did when the coil pack failed.
On taking the car to his SEAT dealer, the problem was diagnosed initially by simply listening to the engine. A failed coil pack being the problem. The coil pack was replaced the same day and his car is now running perfectly again.

(Must admit I am a little peeved that Seat have coil pack supplies on tap, whilst Audi have a 6 week back log.)

So do other engines in the VAG range use these rogue coil packs? which ones?
Shouldn't VAG issue a recall?
coil packs problem not just 20VT? - The Flying Dutchman
This was on a consumer programme on the beeb the other day - it does affect other cars in the VAG group - in fact they said that some 750,000 - 800,000 cars worldwide may be affected.

Hence why VW are probably hesitant about a blanket recall as it would cost them a fortune.
coil packs problem not just 20VT? - Marcos{P}
There is an american website about this problem but I can't remember what its called. It basically has many different stories regarding this problem with customers expecting to wait up to three months. I'm sure the website address was posted her a few weeks ago.

As for a recall, I can't see V.A.G. doing a recall as it would not only cost them too much in parts but in America especially it would damage their reputation too much.
coil packs problem not just 20VT? - DavidHM
Before you get too upset that SEAT has them in stock... actually, they probably don't have them for your particular engine. The problem is with the 1.8t with VVT, rather than with the 16v 1.6 in the Leon and Golf. On the other hand, if they did have them in stock, I'm sure they'd be willing to supply them to you, although it might be difficult getting Audi to pay up under warranty.
coil packs problem not just 20VT? - borasport20
i've been following the coil pack story on usenet (, and two things struck me -

1 - VW have made a serious impact on their reputation over their

2 - The yanks (even before the coil pack issue) consider VW as a second string manufacturer, with BMW/Merc/Honda/Toyota as the first string

coil packs problem not just 20VT? - borasport20
that should be 'over there' in case your wondering 'over their what ???'


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