Cavalier dashboard removal - Ben F
Hi everyone. Now I've fixed the steering vibration I noticed today that one of the dashboard illumination lights has just gone. According to the Haynes manual to remove the dash I first of all have to take the steering wheel off (no thank you....), but it looks to me like I should be able to get it out without having to do this.

Could anyone advise as to whether or not I really will have to take the steering wheel off?

Thanks a lot,

Cavalier dashboard removal - IanT
Have a look at which deals with the Omega and Astra. It doesn't answer your question directly, but it's encouraging.

Cavalier dashboard removal - Dynamic Dave
If you've got an adjustable steering wheel where you can tilt it down, you can leave the wheel in place. Never tried to remove the speedo pod without a tilt adjust, but I would imagine it to be quite a squeeze as there's only just enough room when you have tilted it down. The tricky part I've always had difficulty with is the panel that runs right across the front of the speedo housing from the side air vent to the centre vents. You have to spring it out and can easily break in half if you're not careful.
Cavalier dashboard removal - Ben F
Thanks a lot for the advice, guys. My Cav doesn't have an adjustable steering column (and also has an airbag). I think I'll see if I can take the dash out without taking the steering wheel off (or at least get at the bulb which needs replacing - will replace them all if I can get to them) and if not I'll go and get a two-legged puller and follow the Haynes instructions to the letter as regards removing the airbag!

I'll let you know how I get on.


Cavalier dashboard removal - Richard J
Take a look at

There is an enormous technical archive including "how to's" such as changing panel lights.

For the Cav owner, it's an essential bookmark/favourite site.
Cavalier dashboard removal - Ben F
Thanks Richard. Will do.



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