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Hi all, Was wondering the views of all about certain problems in buying a 2007 ford Mondeo model titanium x. It's priced at £2,855 however has 123,000 on the clock,I know the reliability of the ford Zetec engine so just need to know any points I should be looking for at the dealers Evans helshaw. I believe there is a full service history with the car,thanks for anyone's input,much appreciated all. Thanks Adrian.

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ford mondo - High mileage - skidpan

If its a petrol its not a Zetec engine. Ford stopped fitting that to Mondeos when the Mk 1 expired in about 2000. It was replaced by the Duratec which is the exact same motor fitted to petrol Mazdas. Excellent unit, just look out for common issues expected with a high mileage motor and although you say it has a full service history make sure they have used the correct Fords spec. lubricants.

But I m very surprised Eveans Halshaw would actually market a car for that price, at that age and with that many miles.

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Is it a mk3 or latest shape mk 4. I have a mk 4 2.0 tdci which I gave taken from 100k to 140k without any reliability problems. The mk4is champion on my book. Very good value used. Its a hell of a lot of car for the money. I also think its better than mk3

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I have a 2 litre Duratec petrol Focus with 100K miles recorded. It is going in for a new clutch next month. My small franchised dealer assures me that the engine should run to 200K if serviced on schedule. It burns no oil between services.

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The 2 litre duratec is Mazdas MZR engine, they go on forever if well maintained.

I had one in my Mazda 6 which I took to 115k IIRC with no issues.

I have the same engine in my Mazda 3 which now has 102k, again with no issues.

I do change the oil/filter every 7.5k though. But it uses no oil between services and w5-30 oil is cheap enough anyway

My local mechanic has the engine in a Mazda 6 and its on 176k. No issues

ford mondo - High mileage - FISH0504
It is a mark 4 titanium 1.6
ford mondo - High mileage - FISH0504
It's up for sale in Evans helshaw Wigan branch under 3,000.
ford mondo - High mileage - skidpan

It is a mark 4 titanium 1.6

Only just spotted this post.

IMHO a 1.6 (petrol or diesel) in a Mondeo does not bear thinking about. The TDCi may just about be acceptable providing you don't plan to overtake but the petrol of that vintage which does not have a turbo will be a slug, believe me.

If it is the 1.6 I can now see why ypu originall thought it was a Zetec. This engine was introduced in the Fiesta in about 1995 in 1.24, 1.4 and 1.6 flavours. Originally t was badged as the Zetec SE but the name is the only common part between this engine and the engine fitted to the Focus and Mondeo in 1.8 and 2.0 versions.

The "true" Zetec as used in the Focus and Mondeo is a Ford design and manufacture with an iron block with a twin cam 15 valve head. The blocks heritage can actually be traced back to the CVH of the early 80's. The engine is incredibly robust and other than very early problems with cam followers (solved within months by Ford changing the oil spec from 10w40 to 5w30) it had no issues.

The Zetec SE, as I said above, has no common components with the bigger Zetec. It was a joint design by Yamaha and Ford and was all alloy construction. It was later made available as a 1.7 in the Puma and in that form contained many special parts. The engine was and still is a real cracker for an engine of this type. Incredibly robust, it will give years of excellent service. I had a Puma 1.7. The engine was brilliant.

But to fit this engine in a Mondeo would be a real disaster. Its really nice as I have said before but like all modern small multivalve units it lacks low down punch and while this is not an issue in the much smaller Fiesta/Puma in the big Mondeo you would be for ever changing gear and the resulting fuel consumption would be biblically dreadfull.

I can now see why the car is cheap, it needs to be.

My advice, avoid and find a 1.8 or preferably a 2.0.

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Hi, It's up for sale in Evans helshaw Wigan branch under 3,000.

Helshaw, Freudian slip?

I used to deliver to several EH sites, in some if not most they had a sort of 'trade' section of used cars for sale, older and or higher mileage than normal showroom stock, so it's not uncommon as mentioned above.

I wouldn't want a bloated car like the Mondy with a 1.6 NA petrol either, worse of all worlds.

If you do go to look at it, examine that FSH carefully, far too many times that FSH stopped 30k and 2 years previously, and the most recent receipt was for a headlight bulb sometime last year, not saying this applies to the dealer in question but as a general point.

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Hi Adrian
Is it petrol or diesel
Ford Mondeo - High mileage - FISH0504
It's a petrol 1.6.
Thanks for all your advice on this car think I will leave it and look around for a 1.8 petrol in the new year,cheers all.

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