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Help i have a N reg 800 Vitesse sport and my oil is dissapearing fast......... there is no obvious leek and it doesn,t smoke alot from the exhuast(only a bit on start up),is it losing it through the Turbo?I have no idea,the oil i use is 5-40w rated fully synthetic......Help
Rover 800 Vitesse Sport,Where's My Oil - John S

You don't say what sort of oil consumption you're getting, or if it's suddenly developed a taste for oil.

However 'Only a bit (of smoke) on start up' is usually a sign of valve stem oil seal or valve guide wear. This allows oil to be pulled down the inlet valve guides by manifold vacuum. This sort of oil usage develops over time and mileage.

It's quite feasible to have an oil consumption worse than 1000 miles/pint, and not see significant traces in the exhaust.

If the oil consumption has suddenly increased, though, I'd be looking at (perhaps) seal failure in the turbo.


John S
Rover 800 Vitesse Sport,Where's My Oil - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I think it would be worth dropping out the full synth and going for a good mineral or semi synth and see if this helps. Have you recently 'converted' to full synth?

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Rover 800 Vitesse Sport,Where's My Oil - andy n
hi andrew, read your post with interest, why do you suggest using a mineral based oil rather than a synthetic if an engine is burning/leaking oil is this not normally due to faulty seals, worn rings etc? or as usual am i missing something!
Rover 800 Vitesse Sport,Where's My Oil - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I used to run a Bluebird ZX Turbo, (wonderful Motor) from new I used Valvoline TurboV, never used a drop of oil, then one day I bought some full synthetic Mobil 1, Resulted in horrific oil consumption, oil leaking onto the drive and lousy oil pressure when hot. Dumped it all out and went back to the mineral stuff, no further problem. Personally and I mean personally I dont rate full synthetics in older engines unless it is original fill and specified by the manufacturer.

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Rover 800 Vitesse Sport,Where's My Oil - Dan J
Hi - my brother had this issue and I posted a thread on here about it.

His was an 820 with the 16v engine which I guess is a lower output/same output version of yours?

Colossal oil consumption (Max to Min on the dipstick in 350 miles) yet no oil leaks and like yours, only minor oil smoke on start up.

It turned out to be a warn or faulty piston ring on cylinder 1 - check all yours carefully. I couldn't personally believe that the car could get through that much oil without serious smoke or misfire but it sure did.

We've moved it on now as his wasn't worth the repair bill.

Good luck resolving the issue with yours!

Dan J
Rover 800 Vitesse Sport,Where's My Oil - Cyd
If you look on the Rovertorque site you will find this is a common problem with this engine. These motors suffer badly if oil changes have been skimped and regularly driven hard. There are two main culprits: oil passing through the turbos seals under high boost straight into the engine to be burnt (with some going straight down the exhaust too) and oil pull-over where oil is pulled up past the rings and is burnt. take a look at the inside of your throttle body - I'll bet it's as black as the Ace of Spades. If it is contact Steve at the club and he will provide you a copy of an article I wrote on how to clean it (or email me).

you could try sticking to a 10W40 semi synthetic (this engine was specified as needing at least semi) like Castrol Magnatec. Also try not to use high revs too much - try to make use of the low down torque this motor provides.

I drive my 800VS quite briskly most of the time (I have a 25 mile country route to work). It has 122k up and had been run on a mixture of Magnatec and Mobil 1 up to 88k (when I bought it) and on Halfords Fully Synthetic and Castrol RS since. It gets through around 1/2 (a half) litre per 1000 miles (slightly less using the Halfords oil). If I drive hard down the Fosse Way to see my brother (96 miles each way) the rate of consumption roughly doubles.

These engines are prone to blowing turbos too. Despite being water cooled they don't like it if you turn off when they are hot. Leave it running for a few minutes first. Also warm it up gently too - driving off at full chat from cold is a sure way to destroy the turbo.

Also check to see if it's leaving any on your drive. These are prone to 'cold' sump gasket leaks - which can be quite bad on some examples. I'm fortunate as the previous owner had the sump gasket replaced under warranty just before I bought it, but 2 yrs on it is now dripping about an egg cup full per 2 months onto the garage floor (I put cardboard down). Also check the front left corner of the head gasket for leakage. If yours is not leaking from either of these points then you have the only non leaking T series on the road I reckon!!!

Personally I'd point the finger of suspicion at the turbo and would consider a rebuild while it can still be rebuilt.

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