Skoda Octavia - GeoPlay
As the Octavia is on my next buy list has anybody got reliable data on fuel consumption and reliability of the 1.9TDI model. I have been told that this engine has a tendency to burn oil.
Skoda Octavia - TrevorP
I bought an Octavia Tdi (estate) 2 years ago for general use by my employees.

It does 52mpg - whoever drives it.

I do not KNOW for sure re oil - I will ask tomorrow.

(the wife's Fabia Tdi has definitely not used oil - and does 55mpg)
Skoda Octavia - mare
I bought an ex-taxi 2000 W Octavia SLX 110bhp TDi a year ago, with 68,000 on the clock. The mileage is now 82,000.

Over the last year, I have averaged 53mpg according to the trip computer, in reality this is high 40's i.e. when I fill up, I never get below 10 miles to the litre i.e. 46ish to the gallon.

My driving is a 9 mile each way commute into Bath at peak times, including dropping the kids off at nursery. The climate control is always on, set to 20oC. Horrendous journeys into Bristol at rush hour don't seem to affect the mpg either (and if anybody knows what the A4 through Brislington's like, they'll know that's no mean feat!).

Longer trips e.g. Bath to Cambridge or Gatwick gets 60mpg no problem.

Never even looked at oil, never been an issue. The service indicator comes on at 10000 intervals, maybe this would be stretched if you did longer journeys.

The car is excellent, although i have had niggles with the central locking (loose wood effect trim locking the car again!), loose light switches, worn driver's door seal and clutch pedal breaking. Driver's seat is fraying at the side too. Warranty has dealt with most of these though.

The CBCB refers to a problem with the ECU on the 110bhp TDI's - to date I have not had a problem, can anyone expand on this i.e. what age of car does it affect. Are W regs safe?


Skoda Octavia - JohnM{P}
In my own experience of Audi 80TDi and Passat 110TDi from new, plus colleagues and people I've met at service stations with Sharans and Passats, most (though not all) TDi engines use a lot of oil until well run in (10k+) - you must check the oil regularly! Once settled down, they use little oil.
Great economy: 45-50mpg motorway driving for my Passat, with a few journeys with 60mpg on computer (57mpg actual).
Skoda Octavia - bertj
I had an Octavia 1.9 tdi estate for two years and 30,000 miles. A lot of this mileage was towing a caravan, mostly long distances in France. I never needed to put a drop of oil in between services but I changed the oil and filter every 6,000 miles. How the car is driven for the first few thousand miles seems to be critical with these engines. They should not be hammered or driven with too light a right foot. The secret seems to be to vary the engine speed quite a lot and not allow the car to labour in too high a gear. Apparently, in this way, the piston rings bed in correctly and the cylinder bores don't become glazed. Another important point is not to let the car sit on the drive with the engine running to warm it up on these cold mornings! Equally, don't switch the engine off immediately after a long, hot run; this allows the turbo to cool down somewhat and not fry the oil in it's bearings.
It is also important to leave the manufacturer's initial oil fill in the engine for at least 6,000 miles as this oil contains special bedding in compounds. It is also vital to use the correct oil specification (usually VW 505.01 or perhaps 505.00 if Skoda are not yet fitting the pdi engine in the Octavia).
All of the above applies to any VW sourced diesel engine.
Don't consider the 90 bhp engine, the 110 bhp is far better for this car and will probably be more economical as it's not working so hard to pull quite a heavy car. I never got less than 45 mpg solo or 35 mpg towing. The car was completely reliable which is more than I can say for my wife's VW Polo 1.4 pdi.
Skoda Octavia - Dave_TD
I have a Y-reg Octavia SDi, same engine but no turbo and higher compression ratio. It burnt no oil for the first 1,000 miles, 1/2 a litre between 1,000 and 1,500 miles, and it's never burnt a drop since. I get the oil changed every 10,000 miles, using VW 505.00. As it sits outside now it's showing 141,098 miles.
Fuel economy on mine tends to range from 46mpg if I stay in town all day with a lot of sitting around idling, up to 61mpg on a run. I gather the official figures for the turbo engine are actually supposed to be 2 or 3 mpg BETTER than the non-turbo!
The car has a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty, during which time it's needed an ABS pump under a recall in late 2001 (which won't affect higher-spec models with EDL and ASR, as they're fitted with a different ABS system) and an interior light switch for the driver's door! These days the warranty is only 2-year unlimited mileage, but that still shows the confidence Skoda must have in their product.
Bearing in mind the hard use I put the car to, I get 20-25,000 miles out of the front tyres, 70,000 miles from the rears, and 30,000 miles from the front brake pads. It had new front discs and new rear brake shoes at 120,000 miles.
Skoda Octavia - Soupytwist
I have had a 110bhp Octavia estate since the first week of Jan. this year and I’ve done just over 2,500 miles in it. I get just over 500 miles from a tank, I don’t risk it getting right to empty but fairly close. The trip computer tells me I get low 40s mpg round town and low 60s on a run. This seems a bit optimistic when I have actually worked it out using petrol receipts but not too bad. From reading stuff on here and elsewhere I agree with bertj about early driving style and have tried to follow that course. I’ve only checked the oil twice in the time I’ve had it (lax I know!) and it’s bang in the middle between min and max so it doesn’t seem to be burning oil at the moment.

Overall, it’s a good car and the engine certainly makes for an easy driving style. I’m considering getting an Ibiza or Leon with the same engine as a second car.

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Skoda Octavia - Dave_TD
Matt -

When the fuel light comes on you've got at least 70 miles left. ;-) 55 litre tank including 7 litre reserve, if I fill up immediately the light comes on I get almost exactly 48 litres in it. The most I've ever put in was 54.3 litres, mind you I got 650 miles out of that tank!

Fuel prices are going up, I put my first £40 tankful in it last night. :-(
Skoda Octavia - andymc {P}
Heehee - fuel prices aren't going up for me because I use biodiesel.
Sorry, I know not everyone can get it but it doesn't stop me feeling a tiny bit smug! If only I hadn't run out of the stuff last week - look at the First fill of biodiesel thread to find out why despite paying less for my fuel than most people, I am now poor - well, even poorer.
Skoda Octavia - Soupytwist
I'll bear that in mind - although I do wait for about 40 miles before filling up after the light comes on. I have got the range indicator down to 0 miles left on one occasion and then chickened out of going any further.

Do you find that there's any difference in using fuel from different sources ? I generally go to Sainsbury's because of the money off vouchers you get if you shop there. I'm looking out for biodiesel sources in my area though.

I will be starting to keep more accurate records soon as my father in law is about to take delivery of an Octavia L&K hatch so I'd better be prepared for the "How many miles per gallon do you get out of it?" conversation.

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Skoda Octavia - Dave_TD
Do you find that there's any difference in using fuel from
different sources ?

Not really, although I haven't filled up at a supermarket in about 4 years now. I know there's no proof of their fuel being any lower quality, but I just don't want to take the risk! Besides, I live 300yds from a 24hr Esso station, and there are 2x 24hr BP stations within 2 miles! It goes so far on a tank that I can always plan where I'm going to fill up, and don't need to stop at the first available garage after the light comes on. Mind you, I am filling it up 3 or 4 times a week!

>>my father in law is about to take delivery of an Octavia L&K hatch

Lucky fellow! My Classic doesn't have any of the toys his will come with.

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