Peugeot 107 - Clutch? - Mrs C 100

After 5/6 weeks of a crunching reverse gear my 107 was diagnosed by main Peugeot dealer as needing a new clutch. £540 lighter, there are times now when the car makes exactly the same sound (although not as often). Been back in secveral times.........I have now been assured by the main dealer and Peugeot UK that this is normal for a 107, and they all make that sort of sound.

Prior to the problem occurring the car had a consistently silent gear change..

No problem once in gear , and now only intermittent either cluncking......or occasional grinding into gear.

Peugeot uk have sugested we have it independently inspected by another peugoet dealer.(!)

Any thoughts on what the problem is, and is this normal for a 107....when it never has been for me before.


Mrs C

Peugeot 107 - Clutch? - Chris M

How old and how many miles?


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