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I've just bought a MK2 Golf GTI. It's due for a service so I've booked it into an independent dealer. He's told me that becuase its got 75k on the clock, he should change the timing belt, if it hasn't already been done.

I've looked through the service history - all done at VW dealers - and there's no mention of this having been done before, although they did change the "v belt" at 50k.

Can anyone tell me what a v-belt is? Is this the same as a timing belt, or is it something else?

Does anyone know how much a new timing belt will cost to fit?....gulp!


Golf GTI Mk2 Timing Belt - jud
The v belt is usually called a fan belt and drives the engine ancillaries, alternator etc, it sounds like your cam belt or timing belt if you prefer is due for replacement.
Golf GTI Mk2 Timing Belt - greaser pv
If all the servicing has been carried out at a VW garage then you could contact them , give them your reg. no. and ask them to check their records regarding Timing belt replacement and if it has been done. Got to be worth a 'phone call hasn't it ? BTW a V-belt is not the same as a timing belt ( cam-belt )
Golf GTI Mk2 Timing Belt - lauriew
On some cars,the timing belt is changed as part of a high mileage service, therfore the belt change may not be recorded seperately.
Golf GTI Mk2 Timing Belt - Robert Fleming
Get it done. Every 40k or 4 years is the interval - and the oldest mk2 I've ever seen is a '92.

The invoice that came with my mk2 GTI was £60 for a timing belt change. Pricey I thought, as the part is £5 and anyone who'd done one before surely wouldn't take over an hour.

Golf GTI Mk2 Timing Belt - Ben {P}
I would not fit a £5 timing belt to my car. Go to a VAG dealer and get a proper one. |The job takes a bit longer on a 16v GTi.

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