VW Polo - known problem? - bertj
Anyone know about this please?
Three year old Polo, 16k miles. Clutch pedal collapsed to the floor with bits of white plastic in the footwell. Had to be towed off Motorway to VW dealer. Arrived in dark so couldn't work out what happened. VW dealer looking at it next week.
Last week the stop light switch failed - not happy!
VW Polo - known problem? - borasport20
I had an M reg 1.4 - considerably older, but fundamentally the same car.

The clutch cable has a fairly severe bend in it just on the engine side of the bulkhead, and the cable is likely to fray.

from what I remember, it wasn't that bad a job to replace, and something tells me the cable cost £13. That was a couple of years ago. I'd be interested to know what a dealer would quote you for replacing it these days


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VW Polo - known problem? - bertj
Unfortunately I'm afraid it can't be the clutch cable because this model has a hydraulically operated clutch! I know because it had a new clutch slave cylinder about 9 months ago - the original was queaking and groaning.
VW Polo - known problem? - 9000
Had a similar problem on an escort a few years back. The white plastic is probably teeth from the plastic cog which forms the pedal mechanism.A new cog should fix it.

VW Polo - known problem? - borasport20
Ok, delete 'fundamentally the same', pretend I never said anything and let us know what the problem is ?

(I've just spent the afternoon replacing the pads and brake fluid on my motor and been legged up by one brake cylinder that deeply, fundamentally, sincerely did not want to move. Bl**dy volkswagen)

VW Polo - known problem? - mare
my 80000 mile Octavia had exactly the same problem in November - luckily sorted under the warranty, so i can't say how much it costs to fix. Apparently not unusual on high mileage Octavias and a pig to replace apparently. I think that the plastic bits are what's left of the thing that activates the cylinder, it must get worn and breaks.

VW Polo - known problem? - chris2
see if this helps

VW Polo - known problem? - bertj
I'm just going to have to learn Russian! - what an amazing site!
All I can get from the VW dealer is that something has broken 'on' the clutch. I think that mare is probably right with the similar Octavia.
The good news is that VW are going to pay for it, the bad news is that they have got to order the part.
I'll let you know more if and when I find out.
Thanks for all the help.
VW Polo - known problem? - bertj
If anyone is interested I have now found out that the welds on the clutch pedal housing collapsed breaking various plastic bits in the process. A new housing and clutch pedal were needed. The repair was quite cheap but VW have never heard of this happening before.

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