Car aerial - Rob E
Dear all,

I own a 1995 M Suzuki Swift GC.

The aerial has been bent by a previous owner and so doesn't extend fully enough to receive a suitable reception. No amount of effort will extend it!

I was wondering if any of you could suggest a remedy... preferably cheap!! If I go to a breakers is it just a case of unscrewing the aerial and yanking it off (I'm not very technically minded). Alternatively, what would I have to do with a coat hanger to receive a decent reception.

Many thanks

Rob E
Car aerial - Andrew Hamilton
Might need to retune matching pot on back of radio if signal poor. Must ensure radio base is properly earthed to car body or signal fades.
Thin metal tubes unfortunately kink easily. You could just insert traditional coat hanger aiming for height - not width. Would really recommend replace with either permanent flexi rubber replacement or sem-auto electric. I found fully auto went down and up every time you started car so I prefer semi-auto where you are in control! Do not forget to lubricate regularly.
Car aerial - Dynamic Dave
Might need to retune matching pot on back of radio if
signal poor.

???? I thought modern stereo's didn't need this anymore and auto tuned themselves for the best signal.
Car aerial - frostbite
>> Might need to retune matching pot on back of radio
>> signal poor.

This would usually only apply to 'medium wave'/ AM reception.
Car aerial - Dave_TD
You can buy a replacement mast for about 3 quid which has an arrow head at the bottom end of it. You just spear it into the hole where your old aerial was snapped off!
Alternatively with a coat hanger you'll need to scratch off any acrylic coating from the hanger, wedge it into the hole, and be prepared to change it about every 2 months as the end goes rusty and loses good electrical contact.


Car aerial - spike
Halfords do a range of universal ariels for about £15 - £20 It might be worth asking them as sometimes for a few quid more they will fit it for you as well.
Car aerial - jc
Buy a Halfords Rubber Duck-a soft flexible plastic aerial-then no-one can do it any harm.

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