Interesting Police Cars - Orson {P}
I saw a new South Yorks traffic car today: a C class Merc 270 CDI. They've also fairly recently acquired a 5 series. Are the V70s going out of fashion? An officer friend says he and his colleagues quite like them, but that view is not widely held. Are there any more interesting cars out there?


(self-confessed police car fan - except when being pulled over!)
Interesting Police Cars - CM
Once saw a Porsche 968CS on the M3. White and semi-batenburg (sp?) but no lights on top.

Also believe that there was a Lotus Esprit Turbo somewhere.
Interesting Police Cars - Homme van Blanc
Well of course they're going for more exotic machinery these days. They have control of their own budgets and can squander at will. In Cambs. they wanted to increase the police element of the council tax by a whopping 28%! Eventually this was trimmed back to a still not insignificant 19.2%.

Personnaly I'd shovel them all out of cars and back on to foot.
They're not known as "plod" for nothing.
Interesting Police Cars - Steve S
Could be the re-sale value at last dawning on them. The Volvo's are ok but they must lose a shed load on the RRs and Discos.

This will be bad news for some. If you were pursued by a Land Rover you always had a chance of it breaking down! (I say that as a Landy owner.)
Interesting Police Cars - moosh
This site may be of interest to you;

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