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Incidentally the three hours she refers to is about 8 miles......
Subaru Forester - Nsar
I thought you weren't coming back to this forum according to the thread that mysteriously disappeared a day or two ago?
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Changed his mind. Good thing too! Knew you wouldn't be able to kick the habit, Growler. Life's not just about beautiful women, beautiful beaches, endless sunshine, the open road, a Harley and San Miguels. On second thoughts it probably is.......I'll go for a lie down.
Subaru Forester - THe Growler
I was subjected to such eloquent persuasion I couldn't stay away :-)
Many Happy Returns Growler! - Union Jack
"I was subjected to such eloquent persuasion I couldn't stay away :-)"

I should bolody well think so too - and that applies to both the "persuaders" *and* the "persuaded"!

I and many others will be delighted.

With best wishes, and hope that Growlette got the biggest Teddy in town.


PS And a very cleverly executed return it is too!

Subaru Forester - Old Bill
Nice to have you back Growler,

Regarding the Forester, Trade Sales of Slough ( was advertising one for £10,999, however the usual happened when I called them to ask about the car...."sorry we don't have any more, give me your details and I'll call you when we get some more in"...They have been advertising this Forester for more than a month now without appearing to have any in stock, any ideas why?????

Old Bill
Subaru Forester - GRowlette
The rough price equivalent in Sterling of the one in the article would be £15,630, quite a bit more than yours! I would hazard that's because it's imported and subject to duties. The locally assembled CR-V for example comes out at 20% less. Very few Foresters here for that reason. Can't really answer that one, either ours is expensive or the price you were quoted is cheap!
I've only seen a couple but they look quite smart. Don't make 'em with a V-8, though......
Subaru Forester - GRowlette
That was me using GRowlette's log-in by the way...
Subaru Forester - Stargazer {P}

Glad you havent left us Growler!

I was a subaru convert while living in Oz. The AWD does what it says on the suprime confidence in the road holding. The automatic uses 95% drive to the front which it can vary upto 50%/50% to the front/rear depending on road conditions, the manual has a fixed 50%/50% ratio. I found the tyre wear much more even on the manual. Reliability was fantastic over three years.

On road touring (10000km in two weeks from NSW to Cooktown on Cape York on the back roads) they are extremely comfortable with very good NVH and a CD player that didnt miss a beat on the corrugations.

It is not an off-road 4*4 to compare with the likes of the landcruiser etc, but it can beat the pants off the Freelander. But it comes into its own on gravel and muddy tracks.

I had a Legacy Outback with the same ground clearance (200mm) and the 2.5l engine. I did try the Outback 3.0 flat 6 engine which was amazing for torque and towing. I would like to see the 3.0l in the forester.

Despite this, I cant afford to run one in the UK...the insurance group is quite out of proportion and the petrol consumption is just too high with UK petrol prices. Due to these factors I think they are a very under-rated car.


Ian L.
Subaru Forester - THe Growler
Way back in the '80's I spent some time in Cyprus and had a flat four Legacy. It wasn't much of a looker lots of sharp edges and very basic, but was like the old Beetle: flat out was normal speed, although about the only place you could manage this was on the bit of dual carriageway around Nicosia! It seems to be a competent marque which seldom hits the headlines, but about which I have never heard a bad word spoken.

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