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I'm very fond of my 94 Xantia SX TD, but it's done 150k, is going to need a clutch soon which will cost £300, etc. I'm considering selling it in the Auto Trader and getting another slightly newer one from Auction.

So, two questions.

a) How much would a 95/96 Xantia SX TD go through auction for? I'd like a 'nice' one rather than a completely had it one, but mileage doesn't bother me.

b) How much could I get for mine in the Auto Trader? It's a 1994 SX TD with 149,800 miles on the clock. The interior is spotless - very, very good condition for its age, but the exterior isn't quite so good, there are are few dinks and scratches etc.

Parkers says its worth £2300. I paid £1000 less than this 8 months ago, so I think it's being rather optimistic :)

Ta :)
Xantia: Private and Auction sales values - Jonathan {p}
You would probably get about £900 for it if you sell it privately. You might get £4-500 at auction.
Xantia: Private and Auction sales values - M.M

I'm amazed you would think of changing Xantia to move up just 1 or 2yrs. For that little improvement in value the devil you know might be best.

Having said that if the devil you know needs a clutch, has water leaks, starts roughly, the brakes squeak and has a slightly tatty body then you might be fed up with it.

Xantia values are depressed to about 25% of their true worth as a useable vehicle so you should look at selling very low and buying quite low.

I've just helped someone buy a car of near identical age to yours with 7K less recorded, full dealer/specialist history and truly mint in/out. It's already had a clutch and was fitted with new OE front discs/pads 100 miles before we got it. Paid £700 and that was a bit over the top, if it had been for me I would have bought it for a level £500 cash.

When you take the fact that yours needs a clutch then anyone spotting that when looking could barter it down by the cost of the clutch job (and I'd not want a £300 cheapy) so your car strangely has a net worth close to a few hundred pounds.

We've just bought a mint, historied, one-owner ZX TD with 110K for a few hundred because it needed a clutch and the quotes for that were almost £400.

Both the local Citroen dealer and a local parts supplier have been chatting with me over the past few days saying Xantias needing clutches are a bit like "pass the parcel" in reverse...some poor sud(?) is going to end up with the big bill or unsaleable car.

Just make sure the newer one you buy isn't heavy or odd on the clutch feel!

Of course the advantage of all this is that you should be able to buy a decent private 1995/6 Xantia TD for well under £1500.

Finally if you like the vehicle type buy on condition and not age..some of the newer ones have been known to be more troublesome.

Good luck.



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