a good buy? - andy n
hi all , my father who has always been a "volvo man" and currently owns a v70t5 which has covered over 250k trouble miles, has been offered by a elderley relative a 1999 rover 827 with very low milage and in very good condition at a very good price but is a bit wary due to rovers past bad publicity, has any backroomers any opionins on whether this model is likely to be a good long term bet bearing in mind my father does about 50k a year any views much appreciated thanks
a good buy? - DavidHM
A Rover 827 - surely an 825 at that year? Whatever, how low is the mileage and how cheap is it? That's one of the very last and it was an antiquated design by then. The quality's not great, either. If he does a big mileage then what about an ex police, 3 year old V70 with 100k on it? At leat you know they'll do the miles.

In AutoTrader there is a 99V 825 with 70k for £3995, or a 12k one at a Vauxhall franchise for £4995. This car needs to be under £4k to be worth considering, I'd have thought, and even then I'd be very, very nervous about taking it to 150k and beyond.
a good buy? - andy n
sorry david, your right its a 825, mileage 14k,thanks andy
a good buy? - mal
That's what I call short, simple, straight to the point advice.

Take it!.
a good buy? - Ian D
Stick to the Volvo - a 250K V70 is in my opinion a better bet than a 14K 825!
a good buy? - andy n
thanks for the advice guys, i think he will be sticking with the v70!


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