Nissan Primera - Head gasket - Primera_p

I own a 1995 1.6 Primera with what I think is a blown head gasket.

Can anyone suggest how much I should pay for a replacement?

I've spoken to my local Nissan dealer and they confirm that it is the H G from my explanation of the problem.

Any input would be appreciated.


Nissan Primera - Head gasket - steve52
I think it would be useful to describe the symptoms before jumping to conclusions. If you fill the radiator to the brim, leave the filler cap off and leave the engine idling, is there a steady stream of bubbles exiting the radiator filler? If so I agree with the diagnosis. (I also have a Primera 1.6).
Nissan Primera - Head gasket - Primera_p
As daft as this sounds, I wrote them out yesterday and it never materialised on the forum.

It started with the fan blowing cold and the temp gauge reading high. The RAC diagnosed a faulty radiator.

To cut a long story short, after a new rad, cap, stat and flushing /refilling the system I have the following symptoms.

1) The heater is working ok

2) The coolant level in the rad is dropping whilst the expansion tank level is rising.

3) The coolant in the expansion tank smells like exhaust fumes

IMHO the rad was probably dead which led to it o/heating, I took it to a garage who couldn't find a fault other than the w/pump belt was slack, I continued to use it and the HG is only slightly damaged hence no mayo or oil in coolant as yet.

Do you reckon?? I am right? Any ideas?

P.S After I drove it the other day I noticed that bubbles were appearing in the expansion tank (engine was hot)

Steve52, Have u replaced your HG?
Nissan Primera - Head gasket - steve52
If the (heater) fan was blowing cold and the engine temp gauge was reading high, it suggests that the engine was low on coolant which could have "cooked" it.
Coolant being forced into the expansion tank and exhaust smell in expansion tank is fairly symptomatic of gasket failure.
I would still run the engine with the rad full to the brim and look for bubbling in the rad filler neck.
I have "cured" a minor head gasket problem on other cars using Radweld etc. I run the engine with the radiator filler cap loose for a few miles after adding it.
No I haven't replaced my head gasket, I hope Nissans are reliable!
Nissan Primera - Head gasket - Primera_p
Cheers for your post Steve.

I went to the original Nissan specialist garage and he said that he had never had a Primera with a failed head gasket.

He suggested that I use it for a few weeks and keep an eye on coolant levels, I checked it this am and the rad level was only slightly down.

I will add some of that rad weld stuff and see how it goes.

If you are interested (and sitting down) The garage advised that a HG replacement on this car would be c.£500. However, he suggested that if it had gone then the symptoms would be a lot more obvious and it would be running poorly. (which it isn't) I will do as he suggests and watch it closely for the next few weeks. I think these engines are as good as everyone says, I had the coolant replaced by another garage and I think they might have used insufficient coolant ratio. I am now fully competent at the coolant replacement now so I will be doing it myself in future!!

P.S. I suggested that running it without the cap to look for bubbles and was advised against it since it tends to blow coolant all over the place!

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