"T Cut" - David James
Can you use "T Cut" to remove minor scratches on metalic paint.
Re: "T Cut" - Mark (Brazil)
Don't do what I did years ago - decide that all that rubbing was hard work and put T Cut on a Black and Decker buffing pad. I didn't know you could get to the metal THAT fast !
Re: "T Cut" - Charles
DO NOT use normal T CUT as it has an abrasive action that would wear throgh the top lacquer coat and you will end up with a matt finish. I believe there is still a version of T CUT available which claims it is suitable fo metallic paint and therefore safe to use. I have found in the past a good quality car wax suitable for metallic paint and plenty of elbow grease does the same job as T CUT.
Re: "T Cut" - Simon Whaites
Try MER. It requires alot of rubbing as is only slightly abrasive but it does bring out a great shine.
Re: "T Cut" - Tom Shaw
It's often best to leave minor scratches alone. Only you know their there, and anything less than an expert repair looks worse than the original scratch.

Besides, I find that the odd blemish is part of one's bonding process with the vehicle.
Re: "T Cut" - Andrew Tarr
I would only use T-cut to remove paint of another colour (e.g. which has been transferred in a typical car-park door impact). Yes there is (or was recently) a T-cut for metallics, in a purple bottle instead of red. If your scratch is narrow, such as the standard keying job, try cleaning it up, then mask off to the edges with a flexible tape such as PVC, and fill in the scratch with clear lacquer touch-up. This should make the scratch much less visible.
Re: "T Cut" - Darcy Kitchin
I once bonded my mother's Morris Minor with a dry stone wall (and I wasn't even exceeding the speed limit) ;-)
Re: "T Cut" - Mark (Brazil)
Pah, nothing.

I once drove my Hillman Hunter into my Mother's Triumph Toledo and wrote it (the Toledo) off the day before she was going to give me it for my Birthday.

A Toledo may not sound like much of a birthday present, but you didn't see the Hillman Hunter.
Re: "T Cut" - Darcy Kitchin
Before we were married Madame bought a Triumph Toledo weeks before her test, then failed it. Fearing that trying to help her through the test would wreck our fledgeling relationship, I had had no input. After Test failure, transpired that instructor spent most lessons telling her his life story and smoking. She hadn't even done an emergency stop or a 3 point turn for Goodness' sake.

More stories of the Toledo available for insomniacs ...
Bonding. - David Woollard

Funny I have to admit I bonded my Triumph Herald to a stone wall in the Cotswolds. Not going that fast either. Combination of "that" rear suspension and unwise tyre choice (big on front, small on rear).

Boy did it get out of shape before it span.

Re: "T Cut" - Robin Hall
I've used the coloured polishes made by Turtle wax amongst others to good effect, especially on Draker Colour Cars. As it is only temporary (3-6 months) its often a good idea to apply a good quality polish afterwards to protect it. Autoglym seems to be the favourite althoug it is expensive.
Re: "T Cut" - Neil
There are colour restorers for metallic paints out there. I've used Halfords own and T-cut (both for metallic). Once after someone removed birdpoo with a green scourer. I suspect the metallic products cut into the lacquer.
Re: "T Cut & scourers" - John Harfield
It's not just the T-cut. I have come to the conclusion that green scourers have something other than plastic. Glass powder perhaps. having used several types to clean silk-screening off stainless, lens examination of the dulled stainless shows a mass of minute scratches. If these things were really just nylon, they wouldn't be hard enough to touch 316 stainless. I am always suspicious of anything that claims it saves elbow grease.
Re: "T Cut & scourers" - Mike Jacobs
What seems odd to me is that as I understand it,metalic paint has a top layer of laquer. So what is the point of using T cut when you are just rubbing away at the lacquer?
Re: "T Cut & scourers" - Neil
I think the "For Metallics" T-cut and similar polish out the scratches which are in the lacquer.
Re: "T Cut" - Stu
My sister allowed some lads to clean her car this weekend, upon inspection it looked as though they had used a very fine, and very abrasive scourer ... over the entire car.

How about Autoglym super resin polish?

A few scratches is bad enough, but were looking at every inch of every panel.

How dull (literally).
Re: "T Cut" - Darcy Kitchin
Don't let kids wash your car; round our way they use a grit-coated sponge, washing up liquid and minimum water. It's much better to DIY, as Tom Shaw posted earlier, it helps with the bonding process
Re: "T Cut" - Brian
I landed up getting married through offering to teach this ugly-looking bird to drive.
Let that be a warning to you all !
Re: "T Cut" - Darcy Kitchin
You like living dangerously ...
Re: "T Cut" - Stuart B
I guess we can take it Mrs Brian doesn't surf then. You've got some bottle mate!

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