Contenders vs Hyundai Santa Fe - catalyst
I am thinking of buying a Hyundai 2.4 Santa Fe, I've looked at various options but, apart from the excellent Mazda Tribute, I haven't found a real alternative for less than £17,000. Have I missed something ? What is the best SUV/4 by 4 for that sort of prices according to you, trouble is I've read some conflicting opinions on the santa fe, none on the Mazda Tribute (though misteriously unknown car in the UK as it seems, why ?)
what 's yr opinion ? Thanks to all
Contenders vs Hyundai Santa Fe - KB.
Surprised that you can't get fixed up for £17,000. There's so much at that price. By way of alternatives the new Kia Sorento starts at similar money and is featured on this site today. You'll get the perennial favourite 4x4's by Nissan, Toyota and Honda around that price if you seek a discount. Do you want diesel? Presumably not as the Tribute is petrol only. Perhaps you'll get a more comprehensive response if you list your requirements and reasons for purchase on the discussion site, ie. off road/towing/economy/typical usage requirement - on what you've given in your post it's difficult to know what you want.


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