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I would like to buy a used Rascal type van. There are a number of different ones - daihatsu, toyota, suzuki, mitsubishi. Can anyone recommend one ? Which is best ?
not cars but vans - Vansboy
Daihatsu or Hyundai on new(ish), Vauxhall/Suzuki on banger choice.
Don't buy Daihatsu diesel from 2-3years back, they were as good as taken off the market & re-sold as used, without 3 year warranty.Poor engine, I think it was originally a marine unit.
None are nice to drive, service, have a prang in, buy parts for, work on....
You'll probably guess I don't like 'em!!
not cars but vans - DavidHM
I'm no van expert, but from a safety and maintenance perspective, as well as being nice to drive, and depending on your budget, I think you would be much better off with something along the lines of a Kangoo/Berlingo/Ford Courier than a Rascal - the reason that you don't see this type of van being bought brand new is that essentially, you are the crumple zone.
not cars but vans - Richard Hall
I did a lot of miles in a Bedford Rascal (basic 4-speed model) and found it strangely enjoyable. It had a rev-happy little alloy engine which reminded me of Hillman Imps, and such a low ratio back axle that up to 40 mph it felt like it could out-accelerate anything. It tended to run out of breath at around 55 though. I once used it to fetch a 3.3 litre Perkins diesel from Macclesfield across to Lincolnshire and it coped beautifully with the hills en route. Lots of space for the overall length thanks to that weird cab-forward design, where you sit on top of the engine. However, I wouldn't have fancied having an accident in one.

Richard Hall


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