Laguna (1995) Alarm problem - dodger
I currently own a 95 M Laguna 2.0RXE.

A problem has developed with the remote alarm keyfobs and now they won't de activate the immobiliser or operate the central locking. I have changed batteries in both, but still no joy.

To make things worse, I can enter a 4 digit code to override this, but the switch on the wiper stalk doesn't work. The voice computer system is driving me mad...

Anyone have any suggestions to keep me sane?
Laguna (1995) Alarm problem - Carl2
There is quite a lot of information buried on this site regarding Renault remotes. I can remember reading a warning that each key could be used upto 999 times on its own but if you did not use your second key before you reached 999times a Renault dealer would have to re encrypt either the car or the key. I am not sure which. There was also an article where the cost of sorting out a remote problem was met by Renault under warranty. The type of communication between ECU and remote was changed. I am sorry I can not be more specific. I know the information is here somewhere.
Laguna (1995) Alarm problem - Carl2
There is a reference in the car by car breakdown.The article I was looking for said something like the signal was changed from one type to another (Digital?), and that Renault would meet the cost.
Laguna (1995) Alarm problem - dodger
Thanks Carl

I did read it briefly yesterday and will pursue it.

Renault were offering a free upgrade for the earlier alarms to the plip type. Mine is Infrared and works by line of sight currently.

M local Renault dealer supplied me with the immobiliser 4 digit code without any ID or log book from my registration. Nice to know they value security so highly.
Laguna (1995) Alarm problem - Jimmy
Dear Dodger
We have a 95 Laguna 2.2 diesel which has just develped the same problem. Have you had any luck sorting it out? Our local renualt dealer was very unhelpful and wanted to charge £128 for a replacement. Would appreciate any information.
Thank you
Laguna (1995) Alarm problem - dodger
Hi Jimmy
My problem began with the alarm unit under the offiside wiper base. This contains the alarm speaker which began making random electronic tapping noises, even when the ignition was switched off. To stop this I disconnected the power lead. This then caused the whole central locking system to become erratic and then totally fail after a couple of months.

A friends garage then took this unit apart and cleaned it. It now works. What can I say. Check your earth connections etc - it may be prone to water leaks there. The alarm keys did nothing by the way.

My next option was to see if the car had the alarm changed in the recall (see technical breakdown) and force the dealer to pay for it.

Can you manually enter the 4 digit immobilser code on your version? At least then you can start it. Let me know, I'm sure there's a solution to this. Dodger

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