Children and seat belts - Cliff Pope
I have just fitted a pair of extra rear-facing seats in the Volvo, with seat belts.
I thought they would be sick, but the children love them and want to ride in them all the time.
Someone told me this is not allowed unless all the normal seats are full. Does anyone know if that is true?
Children and seat belts - Cyd
Not true.
Children and seat belts - volvoman
Hi Cliff - I was thinking about doing the same thing at one point 'cos we frequently had the 2 kids, wife, au pair and mum-in-law in the car. I checked out my brother's Volvo with its rear seats and wasn't very happy about the safety of those who would be seated in the luggage area so decided to give it a miss. Due to changed circumstances at home, it ceased to be an issue but I'm still not comfortable about the issue and wouldn't let my kids use such seats.

Did you gather any info. on potential safety issues ?

BTW I'm not saying these seats are less safe, just that I am concerned they may be and hence my choice not to use them.

It'd be interesting to find out if there's any accident data relating to this though. Would Volvo fit/sell such seats if they were inherently less safe ? I'd like to think not.
Children and seat belts - Ian (Cape Town)
Didn't somebody write recently that the load area is part of the crumple-zone?
Would Volvo fit/sell such seats if they were inherently less safe ? I'd like to think not.
Why not phone the local Volvo dealer and clarify?
Children and seat belts - Dwight Van Driver

Cannot think of anything at the moment that places this an offence. Nearest being under Con and Use of carrying a passenger in such a manner as likely to cause danger but that is defeated by the fact that seats are fitted. Haven't checked under seat belt law to see if a forward facing seat behind the driver is unoccupied (seat belt) then this should be used first.

If it was a concern then there should be a warning in the handbook of the vehicle?

Children and seat belts - Cliff Pope
They look pretty sturdy to me. The seats themselves have high backs, and the whole assembly bolts to reinforced plates on the box sections, ditto the belts, which are proper grown-up ones.
Thanks for your help.
BTW, a Volvo's crumple zone is the car behind.
Children and seat belts - Blue {P}
That'e very true, I passed a Vectra that had rear-ended a big old Volvo estate.

The Vectra's bonnet was crunched quite badly, but the bumper on the Bolvo wasn't even bent. :)

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